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Sonic Star
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May 13, 2019
Sep 1, 2007
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Sonic Star


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May 13, 2019
    1. Stizyler
      apariently when you say "C unt" on these forums it gets censored to "merkin" who would have thought.

      haha dumb Mediterranean Descendant
    2. STSAE
      You may be right,
      We shall see very soon.
      Well Easts will.
    3. STSAE
      They only led to tries cos we scored them. Doesnt excuse the fact you blokes had as many if not more chances to score points cos forward passes werent called. Difference is we capatialised, youse didnt.
      Things like that more than evened out in the 2nd 1/2 anyway. More than. I wont bother anymore its over we won and thats it really.
      Posession Souffs 56% Easts 44% NRL.com.
      8 dropouts means his kicking game was good also our defence was pretty good too.
      Of course we need to play better, but at least we hold our destiny in our own hands. And we are in the 8, all good.

      Aahh semis again, been a few years, but im sure I can still ride that bike, LOL.
    4. STSAE
      You wont get Mozz, LOL. Thats the rumour I heard.
      Best and Wesser are very smart signings, some expierence and class where youse need it.
      Sandow deserves rookie of the year.
      I will still be watching with interest how he handles next season, the pressure maaaaaaaaan. If he just gets better you blokes would be very hard to beat next season in my opinion.

      Just on the forward pass thing im watching the replay now and early you blokes put on 2 forward passes so far that have helped you get down on our line, the commentators called them also. There were also some crazy calls late in that game that didnt harm your roll on and the swing of posession. Maybe we just took advantage of the lucky calls we got at the time we did, like youse did later in the game???
      The only real positive I can take out is we scored 5 tries, in quick time too, 1st time in a while, LOL. Also we had less posession from memory, damn I remember you blokes made us do a sheet load of dropouts, so our defence was certainly tested and held up better. I rate your attack, we did well to keep you to only 4 tries with the extra ball youse had and where youse always seemed to be, in our 1/2.
      And Fitzys kicking, geez louise, it really kept you blokes in the game mentally I reckon.
      We are probably finished but we showed some signs of life.
    5. STSAE
      Nah I wont disect the game and pick apart all the bad calls that went against my team, we dont have the time. You really cant complain, there were some bizzare decisions that went against both sides, truely bizzare.

      We will get smashed next week, should have this week, but we are there at least. Alot like someone elses attitude last year, LOL.

      Melba have to be specials. The wankos and the faiders do look dangerous. The taddies, they are a team to fear I reckon. They have the grinding game to upset Melba and will have a steel attitude now, pRicky will have them primed.

      Sutton and Luke and Sandow were very good. Without them I doubt youse guys wouldve won a game all year, they nearly won the game last night in 20mins. Great signs for your clubs future.
    6. STSAE
      I feel like Chicken tonight, LOL.
    7. STSAE
      Luke is your best player by a mile, well Arsenio Hall (Asotassi) isnt that far behind, but the rest couldnt tie Lukes boots.
      Sandows got alot of credit, and the kids done very well, but he hasnt proven a thing in my opinion. Hasnt had a single bit of pressure applied, youse havent been in contention since he started.
      Whereas a bloke like Luke, the difference to how your team plays with him in the side, its just so noticable.
      Hes the man I fear this week, he will carve us up the middle which will leave us vunrable out wide cos I gather we will compress even more.
      If youse play SMART you should whop us in all honesty.
    8. STSAE
      Hes a reserve grader mate. I thought youre winning streak started when he went back to the Teddies, who coincidently started losing.
      Lotta Irony there.
    9. STSAE
      Thats all there is to say.
      Except, hows Geroge Ndaria goin????
      I thought he was the next big Ping????
    10. STSAE
      I gotta say I missed you mate.
      Last year Smiff and SmokinJoeWilliams were your heros.
      This year JT has crucified the position in a mad panic.
      Now I owe youse credit???
      Thats Gold mate.
      Be very thankful SO FAR Sandow has aimed up.
      Cos without him I reckon youd be looking for a new coach.
      [email protected] diving abilities.
      One thing I cant accuse you of is inconsistency.
    11. STSAE
      The Irony is the bit I said something similar last year, you ambushed sides early on but when teams were prepared later in the season the going was alot tougher.
      Your last 10 wks post Origin last year inc the semi, you won 5 and lost 5 I just checked.
      So with 12 wins last year, you won more earlier in the year and lost more later in the year.
      BTW we are already on 13 wins, now thats more irony, weve already beat your last year effort, I didnt realise that, with basically 5 rnds to go, cos we havent won for 3 wks. Just thought youd appreciate that fact.
      Anyway its all academic, even this weeks result is for you mate, thats the real point I guess.
      I still see us losing.
    12. STSAE
      Actually I recall saying something very similar last year to someone else about their side, getting away to a good atart then everyone catches on b4 the semis. Irony there methinks.
      But yes youre probably right we did get a few sides early on and the same tricks arent working now.
      Still look at our performance post Origin. Weve won 2 from 7, b4 won 11 from 15. Its too dramatic a drop in form to excuse the Origin hangover completely. The wankos suffered from it for years, I recall them leading the comp b4 Origin and limping into 8th hardly winning a game after.
      We havent had so many rep players, for 3-4 yrs now, its a valid theory.
      The problem with the attack isnt just the kick not working. No decoys, no blocking for kickers, no kick chase, no runners for offloads, no backup when breaks are made, missing basic 1 on 1s, the worst penalty count in the game showing lack of discipline..
      Its the WHOLE team, theyre tired sure, but their attitudes turned to sh*t.
      Its not that easy to flick the attitude switch, its gotta be something more, as to what exactly, im sick of trying to work it out.
      Who knows though, its not too late thats for sure.
    13. STSAE
      Funny thing is we haven landed a bomb try in weeks, SKD and Minni are our leapers and theyre injured.
      Our forwards are marshmellows, our 1/2s androids and our backs slugs. FFS Slugiolia missed 8 tackles last week, and hes known as a defensive centre, we are doomed.
      The whole series the selections were bizzare at best, I dont know why they picked so many Roosters, Im starting to think it wasnt a bad ploy, weve played like busteds since Origin 3. Its the hangover from hell, LOL.
      Sandow has Thursthead, Princess, Crank even Fien or Marsh would get a run 1st, LOL. But hey one day, you never know.
      I meam Girlsname Cueball Hoggarty played for QLD and Aust so I guess pigs do fly.
    14. STSAE
      Mate a f**king Mod, whats the world coming to, LOL.
      Nah good work, maybe you can get someone reinstated, nudge nudge wink wink. Well genius wont be happy and MattHo may not have recovered from my abusive emails, heehee.
      Honestly if we win I will be shocked, we couldnt score a root in a brothel at the moment let alone a try.
      Leroy year what a shame, couldve been a classic bloodbath, still lets hope MidgetHead Myles cracks the Drongos ribs, that would be very funny.
      Sandow looks great but dont do a NSW and throw him to the wolves like they did to Pearce. Picking a kid to play a decider at Lang Park against that team, what a bunch of IDIOTS we have as selectors. The QLDanders arent that dumb methinks.
      But yeah hes done well, still the keys how he goes next season, the dresded 2nd year syndrome can be a bitch.
      Good luck this weekend, I reckon Souffs by 30 mate.
    15. STSAE
      Is that me old rissole me old sparring pardna me old banning brother Sonic Boom Booooooy????
      How goes it buttbreath???
      When did theyb release you???
      Do you have all priveliges???
      Im still denied entry in the NRL or Souffs forum.
      BTW how was Rnd 1????
    16. Sonic Star
      Sonic Star
      Sweet mate.
      will send it tomorrow.
    17. Dave Q
      Dave Q
      Thanks for the offer Sonic.

      I am happy to help with costs;

      My postal address is Dave PO Box 18 Pendle Hill NSW 2145

      or email [email protected]

      The kid you see running out onto the pitch at the end of the Tooths cup game v Cronulla with the red and green flag. I know him well.


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