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  • hi, how does one gain entry to the JA forum? I applied a few days ago and haven't heard anything...
    Re Double Threads.

    Sorry to pester you. For some reason when I go to edit what I have posted, (Take out ads/tidy up) a blank page shows up and a double thread is created. This is not happening in J.A only on the open forum. Any suggestions??? If possible can you please delete the Dean Young double thread. Have a Happy New Year and Thanks.
    Hi southern saint

    How are you? I recently requested to join jubilee avenue forum as I am mad dragons fan and want to join the best dragons forum :) can you pls approve my request? Thank you in advance Chris
    Hi Again, i just remembered to now changh my email address from to , which has been the case for near 12 months. I changed it on my details but hasn`t been accepted as yet. Can you help. May be why i havent heard back re my request to join Jubilee Ave Forum some 2 week or so ago. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers Stuart
    Hi Southernsaint, I just tried to login to Jubilee Ave Forum with no go. I recently put in a request to come on board. Could you see what i`m about, please. northernsaint.

    Can you accept my request for the Jubilee AVe Forum. I believe i meet the requirements.

    Hi Southernsaint - trying you as I know you are Northern Hemishpare based like me so probably awake right now. Trying to access Jubilee Ave forum but says I may not be a member ? Is that right or are we just having some problems with the site right now ? Thanks mate.
    i do believe that ronnie dodds is making threats of violence against me .. asks how my jaw is on one thread and tells someone else that he'd like to meet me on another ...
    Hey there, sorry to bother you. Just have a quick question around selling items. I will be selling some old school Saints memorabilia on ebay in the coming month and was wondering if I am allowed to post the link in a thread for those interested? Thanks!
    Hi Southernsaint,

    Not getting responses from Willow or one of the other mods (can't remember who) - I would like access to Jubilee Avenue with this identity as epDragon62 was set up on a different email and I can't get to my password.

    I'm a long time member just wanting to get access again please.
    Hi mate. Call me stupid but I can't figure out how you quote from someone else's post!!
    SS.. I Put up a Thread about a Tipping comp. It got deleted ?. Its for Dragons fans to join at a local cafe in Kogarah.
    Is that a Problem ?
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