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    Who should we sign for 2022

    Didn't we sign a wing from the Storm last year that is yet to play for us after a season ending injury in the off season?
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    2021 Tipping Comp. Leaderboard.

    I am like the Warriors, dropped a few games then just gave up in the end
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    OK. 2020 is done on to 2021. Where will we finish?

    I don't know if I still watch because I enjoy it or if its just habit now.
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    2022 Roster: Gains & Losses

    A week or two back after a Warriors match Monty Betham described as "former Warrior" , I dont know if he knows something or just said it because he hasn't been around for a while.
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    Tipping Comp. Round 24

    knights raiders roosters dragons sharks storm manly panthers
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    Tipping Comp. Round 23.

    storm manly panthers sharks knights eels roosters warriors
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    Tipping Comp. Round 22.

    storm panthers roosters souths cowboys eels warriors knights
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    Tipping Comp. Round 21.

    knights raiders eels sharks panthers storm tigers cowboys
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    Tipping Comp. Round 20.

    roosters tigers cowboys souths raiders panthers titans sharks
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    Team vs Tigers

    Theres been a few captains over the years but not had this many at the current turnover rate I don't think.
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    Team vs Tigers

    Not sure but he is about the fourth in three weeks I think.
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    Reece Walsh

    I dont think so , pretty sure the ref saw it all happen and decided it didn't need to go further, cause and effect comes to mind.
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    Reece Walsh

    Or the time during a test when Bird tried a sucker punch on Jeremy Smith. Smith retaliated and very well might have damaged his windpipe. It knocked the stuffing out of him either way.
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    Warriors set to return to Mt Smart.

    The vaccine roll out is happening but it is rather slow, got my invite and booking number via email yesterday and again this morning so things are moving along.
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    Tipping Comp. Round 18.

    eels manly raiders roosters storm panthers broncos souths

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