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  1. Special K

    2022 squad

    Yeah that’s the rumour. He is having baby number 2 soon so likely chasing some cash. I hope he sticks around. I think Fitzy could do wonders with him
  2. Special K

    2022 squad

    It’s nikora
  3. Special K

    Rumoured/Confirmed signings thread

    I am still getting over the last kiwi half who liked to skip across the field. Pass
  4. Special K

    Dugan Terminated

    Great business.
  5. Special K

    Why didnt we make the 8?

    We lost to the Bulldogs
  6. Special K

    Rumoured/Confirmed signings thread

    The club has been hunting a few experienced props but no luck so far. Tolman for mine does a job but the reality is a lot of what he brings we are getting from Finucane. At a guess if we keep missing I assume he stays. You would think if a club needs a prop they would throw Tolman an offer...
  7. Special K

    Woods extends

    I really wonder where he ends up. Nice bloke but geeeeeez
  8. Special K

    2022 squad

    I reckon Hiroti has to be one of the most hopeless players I have seen. He is only there because there is nobody else. But he is dirt cheap and will be depth so I can't get too upset. Don't forget a lot of nsw cup/flegg guys have not played in a long time so even if that comp gets up they...
  9. Special K

    Storm Or Bust…

    I think the Chooks do the Raiders anyway. Titans vs Warriors will be more interesting for us
  10. Special K

    Aaron Woods

    It is pretty f**ken incredible that Woods and Dugan who are on a mint are both going into the last round of the season on contract unsigned. Thing is a fair few of us could have seen this coming. I predict he will end up at Manly. Dugan centrelink
  11. Special K

    Bryan Fletcher - One day a week

    Can't see it happening
  12. Special K


    75k in fines and if we sack him he will drop another 135k. All for just being a dickhead. Pretty incredible
  13. Special K

    Rumoured/Confirmed signings thread

    Luciano and the tigers are the worst possible fit. I am not sure if he will be able to shake that stink
  14. Special K

    Rumoured/Confirmed signings thread

    Chuck in the 80k from SJ and Nicho Hynes for example becomes a 370 player. Mental
  15. Special K

    2022 squad

    Depends if Fifita comes back. Lets just call it 1.1 which across 6 is 183k (minimum is 105k remember). If Fifita can't make it back that number balloons out a lot.