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Aug 14, 2003
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Mar 29, 2020 at 2:34 PM
    1. Stagger eel
      Stagger eel

      poor's amazing what you can do when you're not thinking

      thanks Lynn..

      btw, that name is Manafakoua!!! I think
    2. eelsta
      hi mario
      spoke to sticky fingers today:lol: bloody idiots... anyways they havn't signed cronk yet but very keen, however they have got manese magnafoli(spell) used to play for souths and he came cheap
    3. Stagger eel
      Stagger eel
      hey Lynn..
      not a great deal but a friend of mine manages his sons footy team and continues to update me on what's happening but Cronk is still in the picture in a big way, but poor ole Ossie has been flat out with other stuff including the T saga and junior footy problems..

      I may know something tomorrow..

    4. eelsta
      hey mario
      havnt seem ozzie since last week but cronks the one he wants....ANY GOSSIP from your end
    5. Stagger eel
      Stagger eel
      are you f**king serious dude??? had to look up this prick as I didn't know who he was and foun d out that there was similar rumour a year're on fire!!
    6. PJ Marshal
      PJ Marshal
      mario i have some juicy gossip passed onto me from richard wilkins , he told me that jeff goldbloom had died , he saw it on twitter and well it seems pretty legit......
    7. gustarny
      did yiou watch the game
    8. Stagger eel
      Stagger eel
      ok thanks Lynn..
    9. eelsta
      hey mario

      saw his lordship today asked about inu going to the warriors early,,, he said i wish, also mentioned orford all he said was they are going all out for cooper cronk,he said that they still want inglis but he believes he will end up at bronco,s.

      so thats all the goss except i got the feeling keating isnt going to be signed...i mentioned the bulldogs want him he said no the dont i think that maybe hodgekinson
      IS going there but not positive
      see ya
    10. PJ Marshal
      PJ Marshal
      Hi Stagger I wrote you a Poem

      You are small and wise
      You have such pretty eyes
      When I think of you I want to felch
      My legs start to quiver and my body begins to belch

      You are more than a friend
      You are my lover in disguise
      Lay on your back and gently recieve my prize

      Hope your having a top day mate!
    11. Delboy
      Mario, just remembered the other name Kevin mentioned, another Tautai but I don't know what position he plays
    12. Stagger eel
      Stagger eel
      no probs jason...

      I'm lead to believe that Ross Smart was retrenched on Friday and I've been told that his possible replacement could be Josh Massoud!!!...

      you may want to contact Sid and get some clarification because if that's true and than that is a disgrace.

    13. newmanj

      I just read your status on FB. Whats the news. Can you tell me? Sounds not good.

      I am off to Chile tomorrow for a week, so i wont say anything.

    14. murraymob
      hey buddy any news on kingston i keep hearing he is coming to us at penrith
      here is one for you to keep a eye on Tai Tuivasa not graded by us big mistake he now is with your s g ball team 120kg human wrecking ball
    15. gustarny
      when are you back Mario
    16. Delboy
      Hey Mario

      You should be glad you can't watch this live, very disappointing and reasons fairly obvious. Lack of depth when Fui and cayless off, and Jono being exposed as one paced, and Robson providing nothing.

      Ben Smith,Fui and Mateo going OK

      Where are you this morning?
    17. Avenger
      Stay safe Mario, when do you get back ?
    18. Stagger eel
      Stagger eel
      not sure mate, i've never really asked the question..I'll try and find that one out.
    19. ROGUE
      G'day mate are you aware thru your contacts at the club as to whats the go with inu's lack of pace at the moment? niggling injury?
    20. gustarny
      mario you at home
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