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    KOE (ex Canterbury Cup) and Jersey Flegg

    Your won't be able to afford them
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    2023 Squad: Gains, Losses & Re-signings.

    No one k owe what he signed fo
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    Round 3 vs Sharks

    He will stay in the centres class centre
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    Tyrell Sloan

    He will get quicker
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    Jack Bird

    Media trying to full the sports pages in the of season
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    Jack Bird

    I hope they all try hard or you don't won't them
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    2022 Squad: Gains, Losses & Re-signings.

    So Penrith didn't have 3 young players in there spine when they won the comp
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    2022 Squad: Gains, Losses & Re-signings.

    Su Sullivan was injured most of the year played 2 minor grade games then played a couple of first grade games at the end of the season
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    The Rumours Thread

    That's what I thought the won a wooden spoon some people have no idea
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    2022 Squad: Gains, Losses & Re-signings.

    You have to tackle there
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    The Rumours Thread

    Not at the money they won't over priced
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    The Rumours Thread

    Stop reading rubbish and believing it
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    The Rumours Thread

    Drafts Will be taken to court

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