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    Rumours (signings, sackings & other stuff)

    Hodgson would be a gamble, but is probably not a bad move. Tough, experienced,skill full and a D/H with a kicking game. In saying that father times is catching up with him. Pitty it is not the other Pom at the Raiders..Whitehead
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    2021 R25 Thu - Canberra 16-40 Sydney @ BB Print

    Snowflakes Sutton has his cash on the Chooks
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    How many weeks for Latrell?

    Should be 10 weeks and a few extra for having form. Now if he takes the plea he gets a lousy 6 weeks. The NRL have been suspending players all year for the softest tackles, than when the real ugly ones happen they go soft. Mitchell has a rap sheet a mile long, he needs a massive wake up call...
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    2021 R22 Sat - Manly 56-10 Parramatta @ Sunshine Coast

    Gutho’s asking price just took a big hit. How bad are Moses and Brown travelling. Parra are absolutely terrible, but Manly are a real chance of pushing both Riff and the Storm for the big one.
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    Has your care factor waned?

    Been a paid up member for most of the Weststigers short history And spent hours either at games, reading stuff in the media or spending hours on the net. Well this year has basically squashed my interest in the game. The new rules coupled with a team that is terrible with very little chance of...
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    Rumours (signings, sackings & other stuff)

    We are going to have a few million to spend on rejects as usual. We desperately need two second rowers and at least one centre. 2022 is going to be a very long year
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    2021 Origin III - NSW 18-20 QLD @ Cbus Super

    Snow flakes Sutton is having his usual blinder, called about 20 six again and missed 10 forward passes from dummy half. How do they keep rolling the show pony out game after game
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    Question on Peter V'landys

    Apparently the ratings have crashed and people are just not watching the game nearly as much. That in it self will force change, because the game is all about its Broadcast value. Not a fan of the new rule, but the bottom line, they make zero difference to what teams will finish top 5. My main...
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    Question on Peter V'landys

    Under the two ref system the refs were getting plenty of calls wrong along with the bunker. Than PV decides to speed the game up drop a ref, and give the ref a bunch of things he has to make calls on while completely gassed. I now know why Sutton is so bad, oxygen deficiency to the brain
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    Question on Peter V'landys

    The head crackdown had to happen, but it’s funny how it was implemented overnight mid season. All the high stuff should be dealt with by the match review people, as it seems the bunker and refs can not get it right. As for the six again rule, it’s the mystery call that is being applied with...
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    Question on Peter V'landys

    The product is rubbish because there are basically one contest a week and seven blow outs. The NRL don’t give a stuff what the fan thinks, they have invented a hybrid game and we are stuck with it. The only thing you can do is get on social media or drop them a email and tell them the games rubbish
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    2021 R15 Sun - Gold Coast 24-56 Manly @ Cbus Super

    At present we have two teams that can defend a possession imbalance. The other 14 will all struggle big time
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    2021 R15 Sun - Gold Coast 24-56 Manly @ Cbus Super

    Peter V football…another blowout because one team has had the vast majority of possession through momentum and six agains. If we are going to continue with Mickey Mouse football,at least get the team that scores, kick off to even out possession. Last night the Storm had 95% of the ball in the...
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    2021 R15 Sat - Newcastle 10-6 Warriors @ McDonald Jones

    Six again calls every second set and a brain dead call to sin bin a Knights player…Peter V’s football at its best
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    2021 R15 Fri - Penrith 38-12 Sydney @ BlueBet

    Thursday night blow out now Friday night blow, just love what Peter V has done to the game

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