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  1. Surely

    Game day thread Titans vs Warriors

    The stitch up is in
  2. Surely

    Spoilers Alert - Sharks Vs Bellamy’s Lot

    Hey Josh we need to score points , how about you give Metcalfe 3 minutes
  3. Surely

    The game day thingy…

    I thought bringing on Metcalf with 2 mins 46 seconds remaining was a masterstroke from the coach, absolute game changer.
  4. Surely

    GAME DAY vs the Green clapping merkins.

    Go f**k yourself nrl
  5. Surely

    2021 R2 Thu - Parramatta 16-12 Melbourne @ Bankwest

    Only just into the second round and the nrl's consistency is on display already
  6. Surely

    I have given a name to my Payne

    Thankfully he didn't commit a more serious crime like piss in his own mouth.
  7. Surely

    New Signings- Take 2

    I think Chad is done , and I don't see trindall or Tracey transforming into premiership winning halves
  8. Surely

    New Signings- Take 2

    Not yet, sj can play 7 anyway.
  9. Surely

    New Signings- Take 2

    A 6 And a damn good one
  10. Surely

    New Signings- Take 2

    Only player id be chasing ATM is Burton from the pennies That's where moylans cash can go at the end of next season.
  11. Surely

    The Chad Issue

    That's a shoulder charge Chad should be charged with hitting ponga with a wet lettuce leaf
  12. Surely

    Anyone still want to sack Flanno?

    Who else is enjoying our improved free flowing attack We managed to score 24 points this week I'm chuffed
  13. Surely

    News Coronavirus and NRL

    Well they are window lickers , only a terrorist could come up with a cunning plan to knock off the old people and the sick people Sounds more like a Centrelink plan
  14. Surely

    News Coronavirus and NRL

    I really couldn't give a shit what Rupert does or doesn't spread. Who, there is a pandemic Morons , yeah but but Rupert

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