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Recent content by SydneyRaider9

  1. SydneyRaider9

    Most disliked journalists covering RL

    Rothfield status as a 'journalist' is questionable, but I'll say him.
  2. SydneyRaider9

    Bottom 4?

    Tigers Eels Warriors Cows
  3. SydneyRaider9

    Round 11 v Manly

    Croker in for Earl.
  4. SydneyRaider9

    '13 | R11 | Fri | Tigers 22-20 Cowboys | Leichhardt

    Shocking video refereeing tonight. Tigers given victory.
  5. SydneyRaider9

    Spoiler: Cowboys

    Cowboys are an atrocity.
  6. SydneyRaider9

    Origin 2013 NSW side

    Not picking Carney is also a big mistake in my eyes.
  7. SydneyRaider9

    Origin 2013 NSW side

    How on earth is Gidley's selection justified on the bench? Sutton so hard done by..
  8. SydneyRaider9

    Origin 2013 NSW side

    I think they must go with Carney. Can't change too much from last year considering we only went down by 1 point. He's been awesome at club level and will continue to improve at Origin level. Give him another shot.
  9. SydneyRaider9

    Round 11 v Manly

    Manly coming off a tough game 5 nights ago, can we get anything out of this?
  10. SydneyRaider9

    '13 | R11 | Fri | Bulldogs 24-14 Broncos | ANZ

    He has them at $3, way over what the other betting agencies have them. I don't like him, but he's not wrong in this scenario.
  11. SydneyRaider9

    All nights game at Leichhardt? Explain yourself Grant

    Absolutely agree with this thread. Same goes for Campbelltown as well with 3/4 games there being at night as well. Waste.
  12. SydneyRaider9

    Analysis on Benjis' behavior

    Any smart club would not sign Marshall for any more than 2 years, nor give him the money he wants. He will have to settle for less if he wants to stay in the NRL
  13. SydneyRaider9

    Crowd Watch 2013 - Part Deux

    Agreed, but it is Friday so may fill up late. Shocking weather also.
  14. SydneyRaider9

    SuperCoach 2013

    What's your overall ranking?
  15. SydneyRaider9

    Darius Boyd

    :lol: I dislike Boyd as much as anyone but this is silly.