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  1. The Camden Leisure Pirate

    Y.N.W.A. Thread (Liverpool fans thread)

    Bit of a childish response from Nuri there, shame he's felt the need to have a dig at Rodgers.
  2. The Camden Leisure Pirate

    Everton FC 1878

    Three Popes since Everton last won a trophy. The Papals Club
  3. The Camden Leisure Pirate

    Y.N.W.A. Thread (Liverpool fans thread)

    As far as number two goalkeepers go Brad Jones is the not worst by far, I agree he doesn't inspire confidence especially at set piece but I think thats an issue for the entire team at the minute.
  4. The Camden Leisure Pirate

    Liverpool coming downunder

    I would suggest all supporters to register their details below on the official site: If it's anything like the American Tour last year, you should see some of the big names play. But it'll mostly be the kids.
  5. The Camden Leisure Pirate

    Transfer Rumour Mill

    Liverpool agree deal to sign Malaga star Manuel Iturra. As the source is TalkSport it should be taken with a pinch of salt.
  6. The Camden Leisure Pirate


    Might as well give this a blast, as a reintroduction of sorts. Been years since I was on these boards regularly. Apologies for the name I was a bit of a twonk back then. I was a NSW government employee so I did nothing but post on this site all day long. Since the season has kicked off again...
  7. The Camden Leisure Pirate

    Y.N.W.A. Thread (Liverpool fans thread)

    Back from exile with News from Merseyside. Not the disgusting rumor that is burning through football worse than John Terry's todger after a couples retreat. But solid fact that Stevie G's house is for sale - read into this what you like: His house is the one at the top of the Page for £3.3...
  8. The Camden Leisure Pirate

    Europa League

    Would you class Fulham as a small cub? I'd say the past 2 years have been awesome for Fulham. There's talk here that Bobby Zamora might have played himself into World Cup contenation. I hope Liverpool don't draw Fulham today. I'd like to see them both progress.
  9. The Camden Leisure Pirate

    From Bad to Worse for John Terry Poor John Terry. As a Liverpool supporter I should hate JT. He's a scumbag Chelsea boy, cockney twat, southern fairy, knob-head nugget. But I don't hate him. I think he's a boss player and leader...
  10. The Camden Leisure Pirate

    Chelsea F.C. Thread - 2009/10

    Chelsea's Ashley Cole linked with Real Madrid move Real Madrid have targeted Chelsea left-back Ashley Cole to bolster their back line for next season, according to Spanish daily Marca...
  11. The Camden Leisure Pirate

    Y.N.W.A. Thread (Liverpool fans thread)

    Lucky Lad.
  12. The Camden Leisure Pirate

    Y.N.W.A. Thread (Liverpool fans thread)

    Agreed it's Portsmouth. But it's just great to see them back to some sort of form. BTW we'll be very lucky if Gerrard escapes any FA action for his elbow on Brown.
  13. The Camden Leisure Pirate

    Y.N.W.A. Thread (Liverpool fans thread)

    Just quietly. If you've got any more of these crocked players we'll take them off your hands. 4-1 Torres bags a double, with one for Babel and one from some over paid lad from Roma - Who by the way was f**king boss. Thank f**k for that. Finally the Liverpool of 08/09 shows up and puts it to...
  14. The Camden Leisure Pirate

    Beckham out of World Cup 2010

    The 34-year-old midfielder flew to Finland this morning to visit Dr Sakari Orava, professor of orthopaedics and traumatology at the Mehilainen Clinic in Turku, who is expected to perform surgery on the player’s left tendon this afternoon...
  15. The Camden Leisure Pirate

    No NRL TV deal for the UK

    They wont show the NRL on Sky, because then no one would bother watching the Super League. It's a freaking joke. It's that bad that Shane Tronc scored 2 tries on the weekend.