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  1. The Riddler

    Round 1 vs Broncos

    I know two pwople who will be very happy about this news
  2. The Riddler

    Rubbish Tip

    This thread still going?Poor shorty
  3. The Riddler

    Charity Shield on Fuel TV

    Is there any radio coverage?
  4. The Riddler

    Ho Hum

    You really need to see a surgeon about having that dick removed from your forehead mate.
  5. The Riddler

    Rubbish Tip

    Poor Cowboys, Neil must have smashed a mirror or walked under a ladder.
  6. The Riddler

    Got a question for you mate, what do you know about a young bloke called Fillman Tibbet?He's...

    Got a question for you mate, what do you know about a young bloke called Fillman Tibbet?He's supposed to be one of our NYC players.
  7. The Riddler

    Souths chasing the sig of Fillman Tibbet

    Big Pete might be able to help you out
  8. The Riddler

    Front Rowers?

    I think blokes like Pettybourne and Greenfield will benifit alot from having Gordie at the club.
  9. The Riddler

    Hitlist For 2009.

    Would be an ideal replacement for Kidwell
  10. The Riddler

    Isaac Luke wants a release

    Re-sign Paea and it might help the club in it's bid to retain Luke.
  11. The Riddler

    Let's go boncos

    The Lowe brothers Capewell Sandow Simpson Paulson Tamanika Barnes Hegarty :D
  12. The Riddler

    Courageous Loss v Roosters

    It looked like 15th v 16th on friday night IMO.
  13. The Riddler

    Going White?

    Idris has been impressive so far IMO. Definetely a player to look out for next season.
  14. The Riddler

    NRL Character Team

    Did'nt the Tigers put a media ban on Daine?
  15. The Riddler

    2008 Brisbane Broncos Signings

    Has Manihera and Robinson been re-signed Pete?

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