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    2016 R23 - Wests Tigers 18-19 Titans @ Campbelltown Stadium

    That'll never happen while you're still stealing oxygen from the rest of us and supporting the Raiders, wanker.
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    Robbie Farah vs. Cameron Smith

    Yeah because playing 10-15 minutes a game a couple of times a year is a good way to compare. :sarcasm: Put your helmet back on and go support your cheating team.
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    Robbie Farah vs. Cameron Smith

    Shhhhh. Don't let sense get in the way of the Cameron Smith circle jerk. It's easy to say someone is the best when they also happen to play with arguably the best fullback of all time and a top 2 halfback and up until last year, one of the better 5/8 in the comp. Lets not even get into what he...
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    NSW Team 2014

    Beau Scott? :lol: He can barely defend in the second row and you want to put him in the centers? Scott was really the only reason QLD got points on the board. His pathetic arm grabs and stupidity on NSW's line led to the first try (takes a cheap shot on Slater instead of playing the ball...
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    '14 // R13 // Sun // Storm 12-32 Roosters // AAMI

    Cam Smith being exposed for the overrated player that he is. Future Immortal my arse. He needed the best FB in the world and the second best HB to look good all these years.
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    NSW Team 2014

    1. Hayne 2. Tupou 3. Jennings 4. Dugan 5. Hoppa 6. Reynolds 7. Hodkinson 8. Woods 9. Farah 10. Tamou 11. Bird 12. Hoffman 13. Gallen 14. Fifita 15. Lewis 16. Merrin 17. Watmough Beau Scott alone nearly cost NSW the game with his pathetic defense in the first half and his two misses on GI in...
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    NSW Team 2014

    Another spastic who was clearly off his face before the game even started.
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    NSW Team 2014

    Nice try. Thurston, unlike Scott, has proven himself countless times in Origin and has earned the right to have a rare shit game. It wasn't Scott running in on one leg to stop a LB by GI in the final 20 which came from a piss poor arm grab tackle. It was Josh Morris who mostly contained...
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    NSW Team 2014

    THIS!!!! Why do people not see this? He made a few good tackles on GI, and everyone believes he should be there again. He was almost solely responsible for QLDs first try as well as multiple LB's through GI and Slater, one of which forced an injured Josh Morris to run in from the sidelines to...
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    NSW Team 2014

    Anyone who is saying Beau Scott should remain in the side are either stupid or clearly were drinking too much while watching the game. His pathetic defense was the only reason QLD were in the game. He allowed a piss-easy LB then proceeded to try to take out Thurston(?) instead of sliding across...
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    Who will replace Reynolds?

    f**k off, you nuffy. Don't breed either.
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    What to do with Greg Bird

    :sarcasm: Try watching the replay tomorrow, preferably without alcohol being present.
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    Rep Honours

    You have got to be joing re Farah?? Watch the replay tomorrow...... without the grog.
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    Speaking of Ferguson, what's his current status? Guy is a f**kwit but has potential to be the next GI. Simona Richards Ferguson Lawrence Nofoluma :-k