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  • Hi Rob,

    Just caught up with all the gumpff re the Sevens, laughable. I read your ladies footy article, PRICELESS.

    I think I had 1 more article left in me but that was all.

    The Roosters have as you read, gone by the board, can't continue to support a team who constantly have no respect for themsleves.

    Whilst the Broncos may seem the obvious choice as they have been my 2nd favourite team since they entered the comp, I am making a clean break and going back to my roots.

    So its the Cowboys for me....yippy ki ya mother f**ker!

    This week sees Manly take on the Kiwis, boy, what a choice! I know you will of course be backing your old club, but I, like 99% of league fans despise Manly and will have to barrack for our cousins from the land of the long white condom.

    Later mate.

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