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    NRL scouting china

    Hahahahahahahaha gold
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    The Footy Show 2015

    So disappointed to turn it on and find Molan as new co host. She is terrible, can't stand her. Beau Ryan continues to try and flog the same old rubbish to pass off for comedy but it still isn't funny
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    Chicken Salt

    After being away from Aus for 10 yrs, chicken salt is 1 of the things I crave and miss the most. Fair dinkum some nights I dream of snorting lines of chicken salt off hookers arses!
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    Milford and Sione Mata'utia named in PMXIII

    I thought the PM team was actually chosen by the PM
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    Jayden Hodges / Manly scumbags

    Yep cousin. Yeah he should have been taken off long time earlier than he was. I almost couldn't believe my eyes when I saw Matai shake his head around...seriously that was a full genius move
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    Jason King announces his retirement

    Long time plodder
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    The Footy Show 2014

    I tend to agree that a shortened version would be better. In that time I would restrict Erin Molan to no more than 30 secs of airtime and cut Beau Ryan back to about 2 mins.
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    Where to jack up talent in the NRL

    Yeah I'd love to see a bunch of jaappies given a fair shot at playing some league
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    Where to jack up talent in the NRL

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    NRL judiciary gone mad

    I'm outraged! These muppets at the judiciary have NFI. I would give grub at least a month for the trip and that is before taking into account his grub history. I saw the Tagatese tackle and agree that it was an unfortunate accident but still dangerous so I could understand him getting 2-4...
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    Grand Final 2014

    I'm outraged! Yeah I also had a suspicion Grub would get off easy. Wtf is wrong with the people running this game???
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    Josh Reynolds (spoilers)

    Absolute shit human grub. Would like to see him get a long holiday, not holding my breath tho. Surely 10 in the bin is a small price to pay for someone belting this merkin in the head???
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    Worst player this year?

    Ben Barba
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    NRL boss Dave Smith embarks on quest of massive reforms

    Draft = shit idea
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    The Footy Show 2014

    So glad there are a few others who also don't find Beau funny. I actually fast forward bits when he starts talking now because most of it is the same dribble he has been coming up with for over a year. Same with Erin Molan, I skip most of her stuff. I reckon she looked a whole lot like...

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