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Tonearm Terrorwrist

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  • Tonearm?
    There's only a limit of 5 downloads! What are some other of these convertor websites?

    I end up getting the knack of it yesterday.
    It's a shame the theme only went for 33 seconds though.

    If I were to try download links to your convertor site what format do you save it under?
    Is it MP4?
    To watch stuff in my DVD player at home what do you save those under?

    Did you empty your PM box it was overloaded yesterday.

    Some guy hung himself in a park 50 metres across from our joint yesterday arvo.
    Hey f**kwit.
    Still wanna make a last minute return to the Penrith forum.
    I am holding my Kings and Legends of LU awards soon and you could be nominated for Dickhead of the year bahahahaha.
    i don't see any NK Arsenal post ... i want my god damn money back bucko"

    it was just me having a go at him lol
    gotta give you props TT... ive mocked you in the past about being a bubblegum rap fanboy... just reading the rap thread.. you know your sh*t... certainly aint no wanksta...
    Try going to the "Tonearm??" thread by fibroman to start round 2.

    We are all ready for you.
    Just me and you.

    Sandy isnt online, so she cant lock it just yet.

    Bring it on twig.
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