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  1. Walpole

    Positive ONLY thread

    23 year old backrower who's played Origin and been coached by Bennett - now that would be a good signing.
  2. Walpole

    Round 15 vs Raiders

    If he goes to the Raiders he'll probably be our only player who plays finals this year...
  3. Walpole

    Corey Norman

    There's a very strong case to make Bird the captain.
  4. Walpole

    Ben Hunt: The Losing Machine

    Hunt's been okay this year, he's just not as good a player as Nathan Cleary and he doesn't want the ball in tight situations like a Cherry-Evans or Shaun Johnson. He's probably around the 7th or 8th best halfback in the comp but we're paying him like he's the best.
  5. Walpole

    Round 15 vs Raiders

    I don't think it matters who we put on the field if they care as little as they did yesterday. Going to be some very dark times from here on this season, we still have to play the good teams.
  6. Walpole

    Matt Dufty

    More than a few blokes have won the Clive Churchill medal without being anywhere near the top three players in the world. And if he needs any sort of mental health support the Dragons are certainly not the club for him. Maybe a successful club with no fans or very little media scrutiny in their...
  7. Walpole

    Matt Dufty

    What sort of strange revisionist history is this? Milford was one of the top 3 players in the world in 2015? How does one get to this world? Seems like an interesting place to visit.
  8. Walpole

    Maroons team for the successful 2021 Origin series

    100%, Turbo is the whole QLD teams problem, not just Capewell.
  9. Walpole

    State of Origin

    Sims best game for a long time. It would be hard to change a side that won 50-6.
  10. Walpole

    Matt Dufty

    Milf over Dufty? How long until we finally get the 2015 Broncos team together? That Corey Oates looks like a good strong winger...
  11. Walpole


    Haha poor old Pos is chasing his own tail again!
  12. Walpole

    Blake Austin

    Will he play for Beale money?
  13. Walpole

    Commentators your best and worst

    Today, in a coup for Fox, they trotted out the worst commentator of all time on the Manly, Parra game. A man so bad, so f**king useless, so atrociously bad at putting two words together, a man destined forever to serve as a reminder that concussions have a lasting effect. I give you one Mark...
  14. Walpole

    Round 11 v Sharks

    Yes, the great players, the leaders want the ball in that situation and both our playmakers went missing. All the best teams have the player who can get them home and we just don't at the moment.
  15. Walpole

    Round 11 v Sharks

    As soon as neither Norman or Hunt stepped up to take a shot on our last set we were gone.