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Recent content by White Poiner

  1. White Poiner

    what position will morris play for cronula

    Yeah hughes has been going great... How good was that pass to choc when he could of just put it down to win the game, f**kwit.
  2. White Poiner

    Frustrated Tupou is looking forward to making amends (back this arvo)

    Thats the attitude that could keep us away from the spoon.
  3. White Poiner

    Are you happy to see David Simmons leave the club?

    He will prob score a sh*tload of trys for penrith. Just not the player for cronulla
  4. White Poiner

    mitch brown signs with wests

    He's no russel aitken.
  5. White Poiner

    Seymour To Warriors

    He will go well... prob end up like michael witt
  6. White Poiner

    What happened to...

    at least im here
  7. White Poiner

    The Sludge Cup!

    f**k manly
  8. White Poiner

    Denan Kemp

    Covell scored 16 last year...Try scoring machine
  9. White Poiner

    scotty f**king porter

    He was a bit sh*t, but its only 4 games. Bird was f**ked for 40 games..
  10. White Poiner

    There's something strange....The Reefy Saga

    I always borrow money off my dead nan... she never says no. I could get some off her.. But i hate seeing her now, she smells bad
  11. White Poiner

    There's something strange....The Reefy Saga

    Reefy come back... I have mastered the drop punt!! f**k me f**king farta.
  12. White Poiner

    When you lost it..........

    Mark riddell rooted me.... i ended up with a face full of crackle.
  13. White Poiner

    Thank Fugg 4 Gallen - 29 runs for 250m

    6 offloads f**k me dead.