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  1. Frankus

    NRL 360 - Anthony Seibold

    Just watched NRL 360 with your coach. What a grounded, well spoken, analytical and reflective man. Everything was we, us and our. He barely said the word I, me or my. His approach to continuous improvement this year has resulted in the Bunnies playing the most aesthetically pleasing brand of...
  2. Frankus

    Are we the wealthiest club in Sydney?

    Penrith Rugby League Club are number 388 on the AFR top 500 privately owned companies. Turnover of $127mil. Parra leagues club make the list too.
  3. Frankus

    PEDs and the Olympics

    Doping is a pretty hot topic at this Olympics with the Russians, the Chinese, Gatlin, Gay, and then the suspicions from some surrounding particular athletes. I'd already sent this to Shorty by PM but thought I would post for everyone. This is an interview with Memo Heredia, a known PEDs dealer...
  4. Frankus

    Ex players

    Just ran into Rhys Wesser in Bondi. Still looks fit enough to play. What famous Panther have you run into lately?

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