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    Dragons & tigers Fans treated like fools

    More the point keeping son happy and employed as he is useless and good old dad will not lift a finger to achieve success. Always looking for a freebie. Look at when he wanted to buy his share he offered free advertisement to the NRL rather than cash. Look at the recruitment policy anyone who is...
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    Tyrell Sloan

    Worked with Soward. Who can forget how we was steamrolled
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    my response to Mary B###Shit.
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    Sack mcgregor

    A JV takes two. Currently the dragons have two parties that share costs. To pay out this Muppet both parties need to to put their hands in their pockets and allocate funds to the dragons. The steelers had no cash and the JV stagnated. Now we have a rich tight fish hole doing his son a favour...
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    Signings for 2020 and future looking team

    It all comes down to the power game, Mcidiot obviously sees the hard running as the first skill set needed, anything else is a weakness. Hence all the talent that has left and the fools that are left.
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    Dragons cashed up

    only if those off contract are let go
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    The Future looks Dark

    But the problem is the board do not see it as a problem. Mctwit was extended because as was mentioned at the time due to the way he managed the JDB issue. To review the year and blame it on JDB issue and injuries tells all they don't think the coach is at fault. Look back at Price's sacking...
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    Club salary cap

    To give his son something to do. When they went to purchase the side they wanted to pay with advertising spots. WIN do not want to put anything in. I believe the long term plan is to move it all down south and for WIN to get some TV rights or production like Dragons TV. Another poor...
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    Sack mcgregor

    BJ said he would be part of the review eventually, but Gus said he was not asked to review the coach. So in that time it must have been decided all the excuses really did effect the team. 2020 those same excuses will be rolled out no Gareth no JDB. WIN are playing no the long game, here come...
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    Gould reviewing Dragons.

    Apparently Mcidiot has been asking Gould through out. He is not here to decide on coach future. So we have the Idiot for least the first half of they year. SMH mentioned the reluctance of the WIN side to act and even called into question the desire to provide funds. So no deep pockets from...
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    Gould reviewing Dragons.

    It is remarkable that they continue to think it is not Mcidiots inability but everyone else. So next will be the players didn't follow instruction, the tea lady served the tea to cold.
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    Sack mcgregor

    Looks like Mcidiot is starting to get it that he is done. Loved the press conference. I need to coach better lol.
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    Team List Tuesday

    So negative. MMM sports show right at the end.
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    Team List Tuesday

    Just heard on radio, strong rumor Gould to dragons
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    Round 10 vs Knights...

    let him burn the team. Price was ousted in May after the players simply stopped responding. History is repeating itself. only change he will make is Atkin in. That will fix it :(
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    Lomax getting replaced

    how many losses after the chinless one did it take before he was sacked? only possible bright light.
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    Time to Offer JD NRL Coaching Role

    Very true, corporate boards are accountable to shareholders. The way they set the merger up was to take away the accountability. The board are accountable to the leagues club board. So unless the leagues club board is thrown out and controlled by outsiders the footy club board is safe to do f__k...
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    Round 17 Dragons v Titans

    Busted. Power game only ever lasts a half season, every other team has now caught up. Out played, out run.
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    depends if they stick to the sweep play, that is about 10 years old, or design the attack to using his skill in broken play. Only good thing about 2017, is Mary will be sacked.
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    Dragons open to World Club Challenge

    not even Newcastle want to go, shows how desperate things are.

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