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    The New Norman

    Norman literally stole a couple of million $$$ from the dragons, doubt we could get any worse
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    Dragons statement: Player breach

    I disagree with you......All of them should be sacked
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    The Rumours Thread

    Hearing a rumour that Tim Moltzen is looking to make an NRL comeback and the dragons are in advanced talks with him to replace Dufty.....Just a rumour take it with a grain of salt.
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    Round 13 vs Roosters

    lol yeah at least he had a desire to win not like the million dollar player
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    Round 13 vs Roosters

    Massive mistake in hindsight putting sailor on. He stifled both Dufty and Lomax, he would often crab across the field instead of going out the back to Dufty. He would also run to the line and give Lomax a short ball instead of long early ball which is why Aubusson had him number in the second...
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    Round 11 vs Sharks

    They really need to call out the reason why they give 6 more tackles + last year would he really have blown that many penalties in a row for ruck infringements? I am really starting to dislike this rule, all because the refs have no discretion or consistency with it.
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    Round 7 v Roosters

    Self destructed in the second half last night. Roosters just capitalized off dragons mistakes 10-10 at half time. First 2 points off a penalty, second try off 3 tackle set restarts, third try from Hunt not finding touch.
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    Dragons Next Coach

    I know it is a tough period for the supports but this is the time where we need to stand by our coach and players
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    Round 24 vs Tigers

    how can you blame Mary for Ben hunt playing like shit, the bloke got his money and shut up shop. The only player with some heart in the team is euan aitken
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    Round 24 vs Tigers

    how are you going to blame the coach for a loss like this?
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    Round 24 vs Tigers

    you're not a real dragons fan if you don't support out coach
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    Round 24 vs Tigers

    we just need to support Mary and the boys after a hard year
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    That play- Running on the last.

    Yeah he probably should have in hindsight, but im sure he expected mann to lay it off to field
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    That play- Running on the last.

    gah....just pass the ball. That was a good play call by hunt and he just botched it
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    Finals Week 2 vs Souths

    100% serious he made 3 school boy errors that were massive in this game. - The stupid pass he threw when we were 20m out that went 40 meters forward because he cant pass left to right - The defensive error leading to south's first try - And not kicking on the last But shit I don't want to...
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    Finals Week 2 vs Souths

    Ah Mau and Mann need to f**k off. The rest of them played with pride and passion! Great game by Macdonald
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    Finals Week One

    Mary can lead us to the promised land
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    The Rumours Thread

    We need to stand by Mary and the boys
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    Eels game.

    coach didn't give away 7 penalties in the first half

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