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    2022 Roster: Gains & Losses

    Don't think we should be too excited about Taylor i heard from a mate he's put on 10kg and he's on the durries, doesn't sound like he's taking signing with us too seriously.
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    Who should we sign for 2022

    Those stats don't get me excited, Egans are in a step up at nrl level, don't like the tackle efficiency of 90% of Berrell what will that drop to at the next level of nrl
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    Will Warriors make the top 8

    Im pretty pissed off that the raiders can loan two forwards that are better than the bulldogs players that were suspended, and potentially knock us out of the finals this week, helping them potentially make the 8
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    Warriors v Panthers gameday

    If the warriors had this much of a dig during the year we would've been well and truely in the top 8
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    Rumor Mill

    Sounds good to me!
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    Warriors v Parra - gameday rd10

    I was at the game and i was thinking exactly the same thing, they wouldn't have caught SJ in his first year
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    321 v Cowboys

    Evans??? mate every time he tackles it looks like its gonna be a set restart!
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    321 v Cowboys

    3 Curran-what a workhorse great player! 2 BMM-great impact with the ball 1 Nikorima-nice attack in the first half Walsh is gonna win us some games when he gets it together Very important win that one
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    NRL Finals 2018

    I think we are playing brisbane next week. They have equal for and against as penrith but have scored more trys.
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    NRL Rd 23 2018 - General Non-Warriors Thread

    Things could be falling into place Smith injured, Reynolds injured, Maloney injured and St George playing like shit.
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    Tevita Satae

    First post, been reading everyones posts for ages, but just wanted to say im pretty excited by what i see with Satae big mobile forward that can really break a game open at the end of halves. He could be be a real weapon if/when we make the finals!

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