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    The saddest news

    News just came through that Tommy's slipped away . ...the toughest man to ever play the game. RIP the one and only Tommy Raudonikis
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    Bob Smithies

    News today that Bob Smithies passed away....for the youngsters here he was Balmain FB from '69 into the early 70's. He took over from Keith Barnes who came out of retirement to play out the second half of the '68 season as captain coach. I was lucky enough to see pretty much every game he...
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    Len Killeen

    Sad news that one of the Tigers greats Len Killeen has died at 72. Still the greatest goalkicker i've ever seen...even though Eric Simms in the day could kick them as well he placed the ball in the laydown positon and had a 4 or 5 step runup, whereas Killeen would stand it straight up..take 2...

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