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    SD Heavyweight Title **SPOILERS**

    so whats the plan now. why was undertaker stripped of the title. dont see the point tbh unless hes injured
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    Friday Night Football Warriors v Rabbitohs Friday 6th June 8PM round 13
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    Ecw Spoilers

    The show kicked off with John Morrison, The Miz and Big Daddy V with Matt Striker all wanting the fans to vote for them at Cyber Sunday to face CM Punk for the ECW Title. Punk comes out and says he doesn't care who wins and announces his mystery tag team partner tonight...Kane. - ECW Champion...
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    SD Spoilers

    Kane defeated The Great Khali via DQ. Khali choked out Kane with some wire. After the match, ECW's Big Daddy V comes out (new talent merger) and destroys Kane. - They announce Rey Mysterio vs. MVP later tonight. - Interview airs with Matt Striker warning everyone that Big Daddy V is coming to...
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    Smackdud SPOILERS

    Chuck Palumbo defeated Chris Masters. - The Daltons defeated Jay Adams & Conrad Carr. - Drew McIntyre defeated Brett Major. - The Undertaker & Kane defeated WWE Tag Team Champions MVP & Matt Hardy in a Non-Title Match. - The Great Khali defeated Jamie Noble. - Jimmy Wang Yang defeated...
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    Raw Results-Big return!(not Y2J though)

    WWE Chairman Vince McMahon came out to the ring and told us all that he was a man of his word. He said not only was there a new WWE Champion crowned at No Mercy, but there’d be a championship match there as well and we had three of them. He said history was made at No Mercy last night before...
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    Smackdown Spoilers

    Dark Match: - The Major Brothers defeated Dave Taylor & Paul Burchill. WWE Friday Night Smackdown Tapings (Air Date: 10/5): - World Heavyweight Champion Batista came out to kick off the show and talk about his World Title Punjabi Prison Match with Great Khali this Sunday at No Mercy. Khali...
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    ECW Spoilers

    ECW on SciFi for September 25th opened with Joey Styles and Tazz plugging that ECW Champion CM Punk would be facing Matt Striker later tonight. Triple Threat: Elijah Burke vs. Tommy Dreamer vs. Kevin Thorn. The loser of this match will be out of contention for the ECW Title match with CM...
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    Another Riveting Edition Of Smackdown Spoilers

    SmackDown! begins with a recap of last week's wedding. There is emphasis on 'till death do you part.' Vince is backstage with Vicky Guerrero. It's announced The Undertaker will take on Mark Henry later tonight. Torrie Wilson versus Victoria opens SmackDown. Torrie lost to Victoria with help...
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    Raw Results

    Acting Raw GM Coach was in the middle of the ring surrounded by security. He said what he decided this week will adversely effect the career of Randy Orton. A video recap aired putting over the events of the last few weeks. Coach said for the record, he had no idea Orton was going to brandish...
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    ECW Spoilers

    ECW: *Elijah Burke defeated Stevie Richards, Kevin Thorn, Tommy Dreamer in a "Fatal Four Way Chase to No Mercy." It wasn't fully clear but it appeared that ECW General Manager Armando Estrada referred to it as a weekly deal where at the end, the winner gets a No Mercy ECW title shot at CM...
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    Possible Suicide Attempt By Top Superstar

    Widely published wrestling journalist and author of the book "Wrestling Babylon", Irv Muchnick, posted an update on his website claiming that well-placed sources within WWE have told him that Randy Orton recently attempted suicide. Muchnick was a guest on various TV programs when the Benoit...
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    SD Spoilers

    They are taping the wedding first, setting up white ring ropes, ring steps and guest chairs. Teddy dedicates "Let's Get Married" by Jagged Edge to Kristal. Jillian Hall comes out and says that they were terrible and starts to sing. She is dragged off by several other Divas. The Godfather...
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    Raw Results

    A video played that put over last night’s Unforgiven pay per view and John Cena’s revenge on Randy Orton. Cena’s music hit and he came out to the ring to a pretty mixed reaction. Cena admitted he hadn’t been himself yet and he was here to say he was sorry for not being himself, but tonight, he...
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    WWE No Mercy Thread *Spoilers*

    Already confirmed for WWE No Mercy is a Last Man Standing match between John Cena and Randy Orton for the WWE title. No Mercy 2007 will take place on October 7, 2007 at the Allstate Arena in Rosemont, Illinois. The PPV poster features Randy Orton with a sinister look on his face holding a white...
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    Smackdown Spoilers

    Victoria vs. Michell McCool ends in a double DQ when Kenny first throws water on McCool then him Palumbo and the girls start brawling. The ref makes it into a mixed tag after that Palumbo and McCool win. Hardy and MVP play chess, Hardy gets MVP in check then MVP sneezes and all the pieces go...
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    ECW Spoilers

    Estrada comes out introduces Punk, Punk gives Estrada one of his shirts and makes Estrada wear it. Estrada finally gets mad and says at Unforgiven Punk will face Burke. Burke comes out him and Punk have a showdown then they start fighting and Burke runs away. Matt Striker beat Nunzio in less...
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    Raw Results

    Mr. McMahon came strutting down to the ring and it’s time to find out who the illegitimate child is. Vince ran down over the pain that he had been experienced over the past five weeks before responding to the boos and saying that illegitimate kids could happen to anyone. He ran down the laundry...
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    WM24 Rumour Thread *Possible Spoilers*

    There continues to be a lot of talk about an Undertaker vs. Edge main event at next year’s WrestleMania in Orlando, Florida. The idea behind it is that like Undertaker, Edge has never lost at WrestleMania (besides last year’s Money in the Bank ladder match) and that it would be a good idea to...
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    **SPOILERS* Cyber Sunday Thread

    The promo for Cyber Sunday shows two matches. John Cena Vs. Randy Orton for the wwe title and the choices are: Falls count anywhere, Lumberjack and Hell in a Cell . For Smackdown, in a fatal four way it will be Batista vs. Taker vs. Mark Henry vs The Great Khail and the choices for a special...

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