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  1. KeepingTheFaith

    Current NXT Roster

    Simple question really. Who out of the current NXT roster makes the step up successfully to either become a regular main roster contributor or future main event player? I know that it's never easy to predict when "creative" can kill a guys chances at the drop of a rosebud, but I'm more looking...
  2. KeepingTheFaith

    X-Men Age Of Apocalypse Mafia Game Thread

    It is a reality that never should have been, it is the Age of Apocalypse Erik Lensherr's life changed the day his good friend Charles Xavier was murdered by Legion, a time-traveling madman. Legion, who was actually the future son of Charles Xavier, traveled back in time to murder the man who...
  3. KeepingTheFaith

    X-Men: Age Of Apocalypse Mafia Sign Up

    I got roles, wonderful roles, powerful roles. Step up, sign up. I have 25 roles. If you make me cut some I hate you, if you make me add some I hate you more. Drew is by default the most useless mutant, he will be able to blink sideways, that is all. Fancy introduction post will come in the...
  4. KeepingTheFaith

    Video Game Mafia Game Thread

    He trudged the street's with purpose, his night vision not impaired despite his eyes being covered by a pair of sunglasses. When he was this focused he saw everything. The streets were quiet, everyone preferring to stay indoors. After hearing of the destruction at Racoon City, outside seemed...
  5. KeepingTheFaith

    Video Game Mafia Sign Up

    Ok Guys, I've jumped the queue a little bit to give JM some time to sort out real life issues. So we've got video game mafia coming up next. Looking for around 27-28 players so I don't have to rejig roles/balance. I've avoided using characters (as much as I can) who have been featured in...
  6. KeepingTheFaith

    Last Refuge Mafia Game Thread

    Welcome to the last refuge. You guys know the rules, you've all played before so everything stands as per normal. No revealing alignment, role, sharing PM's, and general crap that can be considered cheating. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Day 1 6AM -...
  7. KeepingTheFaith

    Game: Last Refuge Mafia Sign Up

    Prelude The jeep rocked back and forth as it tried to negotiate the deserted dirt road. The cityscape behind them had long vanished amongst the endless desert. There were no sign of the others. They had split apart, it was the only way to make sure. A convoy that big, there's no way it...
  8. KeepingTheFaith

    Game: Transformers Mafia

    -------------------------------- The city shook as the first wave of Decepticon's bombarded them from above. The attack had come without warning. Optimus Prime rushed into the command centre, finding his old friend Ultra Magnus already dispatching orders. "Prime, we've already taken...
  9. KeepingTheFaith

    Transformers Mafia Sign-Up Thread

    Prelude The sand shifted as his crumpled body dragged along, the sun above threatening to roast his exposed circuitry. His optics struggled to focus, glitching with every turn. He hadn't seen the one who had struck the first blow, but he knew who stood over him now. "Megatron," Bluestreak...
  10. KeepingTheFaith

    NRL Adopts Consussion Standard All for this. Have suffered a couple of concussions before. Can't imagine being sent back out onto the field after a serious head knock.
  11. KeepingTheFaith

    Video Games As Movies

    As we know, more than a fair few of games have been butchered through poor made movies, and it would appear that some of my fav games are scheduled to be made into movies in the next few years. Question is, are you looking forward to any of these movies, very nervous about these movies...
  12. KeepingTheFaith

    Here We Go Again. It's WWE Cost Cutting Time.

    n addition to Jim Ross confirming that Shad Gaspard has been released by WWE, the company has also confirmed that Luke Gallows, Vance Archer (former TNA star Lance Hoyt), Caylen Croft and WWE Divas Tiffany and Jillian Hall have been released. Total list of WWE talent cut as of Friday...
  13. KeepingTheFaith

    Best Wrestling Moments

    After watching some of those you tube videos in the best wrestling entrance thread, I started looking at other videos and there is some crazy sh*t there. Post your favs here. Here's a couple to get started. 1. Shockmaster - Pure Awesome. 2. Every...
  14. KeepingTheFaith

    Storm salary cap scandal thread A leading bookmaker has suspended betting on the NRL wooden spoon after fielding several bets for premiers Melbourne to finish last. Title favourites Melbourne are currently fourth on the NRL...
  15. KeepingTheFaith

    The Future Endeavors Have Begun

    Shane Helms Paul Burchill Maria Who's next to be added to the list? It was bound to happen with all the ECW stars being squeezed into the two brands.
  16. KeepingTheFaith

    Possible WM26 *Spoiler* - Multiple WWE sources are reporting that Vince McMahon has decided to go a different direction with the Bret Hart storyline and WrestleMania. Believe it or not, the plan as of this weekend was for Bret to win the WWE Title at WrestleMania...
  17. KeepingTheFaith

    The End Of The TNA Honeymoon

    * Hulk Hogan has been complaining to friends about frustrations from working in TNA because he feels pressure to give pushes to people he doesn't want to push. Word is that Dixie Carter doesn't want the TNA originals to be buried but there are wrestlers from the old crew that Hogan sees nothing...
  18. KeepingTheFaith

    WWE NXT Superthread **Spoilers**

    Bye bye ECW, hello WWE NXT. What do people think of the idea? For those who don't know it looks like WWE NXT will feature a whole new cast of characters exclusive to the show (Basically development talent). What this means is that the current ECW roster will either be distributed between...
  19. KeepingTheFaith

    Has April Fools Come Early?

    According to, WWE is working on a sitcom that will star Santino Marella. It seems that Beth Phoenix and Vladimir Kozlov will also take part in the sitcom. Phoenix will protray his girlfriend while Kozlov will play his best friend. When asked about the sitcom, Marella had this to say...
  20. KeepingTheFaith

    Genesis and Impact *Spoilers*

    The Four Sided ring is back! Despite recently being announced for a ROH show, Brian Kendrick is rumoured to debut as Red's mystery opponent. Kendrick is NOT the "major acquisition" TNA have promoted and it's almost certain that Kennedy/Anderson is the man for that role.

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