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  1. Cliffhanger

    Fire or Earth

    Hi Friends, So I have a dilemma. My moron neighbors must be on holidays or something because their burglar alarm has been sounding non stop since 1:00 in the morning. The stupid thing sounds for 50 seconds before being silent for a minute just to get my hopes up. I called the cops 90...
  2. Cliffhanger

    FFB Collector Cards 2013

    In conjunction with the Firkin Fun Bar, D2010 is pleased to announce the release of limited edition 2013 Firkie collector cards. These limited edition cards will feature all your favourite firkies such as Alba, Kungl and Monk. These cards will be released soon, but in the mean time let us know...
  3. Cliffhanger

    Adventure Time Mafia Game Thread

    Let's make the intro short and sweet as I question whether anyone reads these. It was a quiet evening in the land of Ooo as two young heroes returned a Hot Dog shaped princess to her kingdom with looks of frustration. The Hot Dog shaped princess often seemed to need rescuing, even for a...
  4. Cliffhanger

    Adventure Time Mafia Sign Up

    Just sign up mother f**kers I will explain later. 1 Dragon2010 2 9701 3 DB 4 Dutchy 5 Fred 6 BDR 7 Parra Pride 8 Pugsley 9 Apey 10 KTF 11 Butch 12 Drew-Sta 13 Didgi 14 Monk 15 SGL 16 Coby 17 Wahl 18 soc 19 RHCP 20 Mis 21 Ozzy 22 JM 23 Bazzi 24 Rebel 25 Dogslife 26 Smiley 27 HowHigh 28 29 30
  5. Cliffhanger

    Cliffhanger - How the f**k is this thread still going?...Oh yeah boobs!

    AG isn't fooling anyone when he feigns boredom in the interesting little titbits about my life, so I thought I'd give him what he wanted and start sharing some stories about my life. Part 1 - First breath Like everyone (unless you believe in Adam and Eve), I started as a baby a tiny...
  6. Cliffhanger

    I have a question

    When your posts read merkins have you actually typed the word merkin or do you type c***
  7. Cliffhanger

    My 100 day sugar free challenge.

    I started on Friday and currently find it pretty easy, I know it's still early days. I am just not allowed to have processed or refined sugar or anything with added sugar like lollies and chocolate (my greatest weakness) for 100 days and I've put some stakes on it. I have four cans I put all...
  8. Cliffhanger

    Last night I had me a dream son

    At the risk of giving AG more fuel for his "Cliffy hatred" I am going to start this thread. Every now and then we all see a dream that stays with us and we feel like sharing, usually it's a sex dream sometimes it's just an epic dream. Share them in here. No judgement from me. 20 coolness...
  9. Cliffhanger

    3, 2, 1 VS Panthers

    3 James Maloney (3 try assists, 2 line break assists, 4 line breaks, 1 try, 7 goals, 127 metres) 2 Boyd Cordner 1 RTS
  10. Cliffhanger

    How good is it..

    to have five-eighth who runs the ball again? f**k he was solid tonight, and selfless player to boot sure, it cost us a try when he passed to Jennings but I'm sure it's good for team morale.
  11. Cliffhanger

    Best Thing about Having a Home Gym

    For the first time ever I've started using a commercial gym as well as my home gym. Let me just say having a home gym is better for so many reasons. What's your favourite advantage of using a home gym.
  12. Cliffhanger

    The GIF Thread

    All of you are well are that Sonny Bill Williams is an amazing athlete what you may not know is that SBW is also a brilliant thinker. Several times a day SBW tweets little gems of wisdom and because I am all for making this forum and the world a better more positive place, I feel these gems...
  13. Cliffhanger

    Which is the least enjoyable?

    Today for some reason I decided to venture into the NRL forum and the Interstate forum in the site. I don't think there are any words to explain how bad it is.
  14. Cliffhanger

    Need some tips guys

    So I am starting a new health, strength training and fitness blog. I know there's plenty out there, but I think what's missing from a lot of them is information and advice based on evidence based research. Anyway, I've posted my first two blogs. Don't really want to full on launch it yet...
  15. Cliffhanger

    Fare evasion

    City Rail piss me off so much, and lately I've developed the habit or fare evading, I used to just do it when I was in a massive rush and had no time to buy a ticket. Now I do it most of the time when I take public transport. It's bad I know, but I feel city rail deserve, their executives are...
  16. Cliffhanger

    Coffee thread

    So I've recently joined the big league and started drinking coffee. I took it up because of its positive effects on metabolism. Anyway I drink espresso no sugar. I've been trying out different brands and beans and haven't found that special one yet. I had my first cafe coffee today it was a...
  17. Cliffhanger

    Orphan Black

    Anybody checked out this show?
  18. Cliffhanger

    Sheep are so bloody pointless Marvel Version

    Make it clear which answers are for which game. Has to be included in the comics. 1 Name a female Marvel Superhero? 2 Name the best friend of any Marvel Superhero? 3 Name the boss of any Marvel Superhero? 4 Name a member of the X-Men? 5 Name an original member of The Avengers? 6 Name...
  19. Cliffhanger

    Sheep are so Bloody Pointless DC Comics version

    Make it clear which answers are for which game. If you name a marvel character you will automatically be disqualified. 1 Name a DC super hero? (You can name one without super powers, my definition of superhero is any vigilante with extraordinary powers be they as a result of training or...

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