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  1. macnaz

    Congratulations 150 Games Moses Mbye

    Well the season isn't going great nor did Moses's 150th game celebration go to plain, But we as Weststigers supporters need to sit back and reflect on past and present NRL players who have struggled to reach such a monumental milestone in the game of Rugby League to truly appreciate how...
  2. macnaz

    Madge The Myth ?

    While ive tried to convince myself to have faith in Maguire i can already see the cracks appearing in his coaching ability . We seen at Souths when the going got tough and his elite playing stocks were bare he was unable to modify coaching and game styles to suit and the rest was history...
  3. macnaz

    Weststigers Wasteland

    A thread for all the repetitive trolls that stink up the place place plus all the unnecessary and disruptive chat. Probably best to leave the crap sit here and rot , reply and add to it is only lowering yourself to the same level. Feel free to chat here but dont complain about the dialogue...
  4. macnaz

    2020 ROAD TRIP

    Just thought I'd start a thread to get feed back on whether people on our Weststigers forum would be interested in planning a trip away in 2020 to an away game out of Sydney. It would be a good opportunity to not only support our club but more importantly after all the years of despair and...
  5. macnaz

    ROWDY Chris Lawrence.

    I cant provide link unfortunately but this was posted by an official weststigers forum member "Geo" Perhaps he is also a contributor here also I'm not sure . Basically outlining the horrific injuries he sustained in preseason training. My question is should he be heroic and continue to play...
  6. macnaz


    I happened to come across this person's posts on and I was that impressed with his posts I really needed to share them. the full link is I...
  7. macnaz

    Are we doomed in 2019 ?

    My personal oppion is that 2019 will be worse than 2018. * Matts and Packer another year older and lazier . * Renoylds another year older and more injury prone * Lost 2 centres and there is zero talent on the market as upgradable or even same quality * To many forwards are small plodders...
  8. macnaz

    Shit coaching.. FULL STOP!!

    Effort has improved , skills and selections have regressed. Coach needs to do more than just motivate players to try harder . FFS for starters a rugby league side uses a spine of 4 play makers playing 1,6,7,13 we played 45mins as paraplegic's with 2.. Nofo is shit and getting...
  9. macnaz

    Mr Tedesco

    Mr Tedesco Thanks for all the memories , I hope that they live on in your mind forever , because from this day forward West's Tigers supporters will now forever look upon your time here in a negative light in view of your recent actions and behaviour while you and your manager blackmailed the...
  10. macnaz


    When watching sport mainly NRL where the time and score is displayed in the bottom left corner , while using the remote to fast forward or rewind live or recorded games the stupid on screen icons sit right over the time score display making it hard to work out what part of the game im trying to...
  11. macnaz

    Who Has To Go And Why

    JASON TAYLOR for the following reasons 1. IF he is responsible for selecting players such as Milone , Buchannan and Lovett he should be fired . 2 . IF he is forced to select the above players he should tell the club to shove the job up there arse and seek an immediate release from his...
  12. macnaz

    Potential Private Part Owner CHRIS BARRETT The major sponsor of Wests Tigers has revealed an interest in buying a stake in the NRL club in a development that paints the clearest picture...
  13. macnaz

    LU site crashing my phone browser

    Within the last week when im on LU my Galaxy S3 browser constantly crashes. I can surf many other forums but as soon as im in here my phones ram usage goes through the roof and the browser closes. Just curious if something has been changed here ? And wether others are having isues.
  14. macnaz

    2015 Nines

    Any thoughts on our best team , and predictions on how we will go. Thinking of 2014 with some gun players at our disposal we were still diabolical so I have zero expectations for success with a much reduced talent pool, results may be an indication of how 2015 under JT may go.
  15. macnaz

    Accommodation near GIO Stadium

    Hi all. Im planning on attending the Tigers v Raiders game in a few weeks and wanted to know a good area to stay. I guess im looking at somewhere with easy transport and somewhere close by to go out to after the game. Love to here anyones recommendations :)
  16. macnaz

    Lol @ weststigers

    Please provide your most stupid moments , players and selections for 2014 .
  17. macnaz

    State cup WT v Knights -Live

    If anyone is interested , the page linked below has a link within the article to watch this game live . Starts Today Sat 5.00pm
  18. macnaz


    Just wondering is it possible for this site to be compatible with the Tapatalk ap ?.
  19. macnaz

    Rugby League 9's

    Just wondering what players people would consider to make our squad ?
  20. macnaz

    Player Awards.

    I know the club will have their own presentation night but i thought I would ask here who the fans would pick for the following awards. 1. Best and Fairest 2. Best Forward 3. Best Back 4. Most improved I Would go 1.Fulton 2. Woods 3. Simona 4. Tedesco