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  1. grouch

    Brisbane can't play

    Sing it with me! Shout out to Alfie Langer and the class of 93. Guess which club haven't won a spoon since then? :kissing_heart:
  2. grouch

    Players who started playing at a late age

    Over the years I've read articles about players who didn't play any rugby league until their mid-teens yet still played in the NRL. Anyone aware of some of these players? Thanks
  3. grouch

    Steve Price coached Warrington win Challenge Cup

    Hey Paul McGregor... the coach you usurped just lifted the Challenge Cup trophy in front of Prince Harry in a packed Wembley Stadium, to the roars of a Warrington fan base who adores him. Sounds cool huh? You should go give it a try! What a beautiful existence, compared to the constant stress...
  4. grouch

    Spoon race - 2019

    Three teams in contention with six rounds to go Titans - 10 pts (-135) Bulldogs - 12 pts (-184) Dragons - 14 pts (-104) Bulldogs were my clear tip before the season started to win the spoon and tbh they've done well to nab 5 wins this year. In the run home they face a couple of teams outside...
  5. grouch

    third try by Tom Turbo

    Brilliant in every way. I just wanna narrate it, to highlight every piece of talent and intelligence in this play. Its tackle 2. Tedesco at first receiver shovels it to Addo-Carr, perhaps for a settler hit-up, but perhaps also because he sees some space. Both Teddy and the Fox notice that Gagai...
  6. grouch

    for your consideration: coach Justin Holbrook

    A lot of people may feel despair at the thought we're forced to stick with McGregor because there are no quality coaching candidates out there. They may believe that since we were left standing in the great coaching musical chairs act of 2018 that we're simple resigned to re-signing our dud. I...
  7. grouch

    post-Thurston era Cowboys

    They underperformed severely in 2018, so it's quite probably they can climb the ladder a bit in 2019 and make the finals. The backline looks better with some older slower players dumped and younger quicker ones brought in. But can they win a comp next year or anytime soon? I doubt it Thoughts?
  8. grouch

    idea for next NSW coach: WAYNE BENNETT

    What better way to get one over his latest nemesis, Kevin Walters? Imagine the hype Do it Wayne. You know you want to.
  9. grouch

    Will McGregor get Jason Taylored on Mad Monday?

    Please vote :-)
  10. grouch

    a Grand Final every decade

    Since inception in 1921, St George / St George Illawarra have made a grand final at least once every 10 years. We are halfway through this decade, given the coach we are saddled with, and recent revelations that there is no new halfback on the horizon until at least 2018, this proud streak is...
  11. grouch

    Mary's excuse book

    I found it amusing that the self-proclaimed straight shooter referenced an "excuse book" in his presser last night, when throughout his short and embarrassing tenure in the head coach role he has proven to be the excuse king. He's on Ricky Stuart's level when it comes to deflecting pressure...
  12. grouch

    Head coach backs head stomper

    Some of these quotes from our coach make me wonder if he's suffered some sort of head stomping related brain damage himself. Wow. This is what we've been reduced to...
  13. grouch

    Great article - how to win the turf war v NFL The doomsayers will tell you it's all about the money. Jarryd Hayne himself sells it as a new challenge. But the awkward truth for the NRL and other topline Australian competitions is big time...
  14. grouch

    Andrew Gray

    So this bit of news was hidden away in the Morris & Merrin update the club released a week ago, but our Performance Director Andrew Gray has left the club, and was signed by the Cronulla Sharks to be their High Performance manager. Andrew Gray had been the club's physio since 1999. He'd also...
  15. grouch

    Mythbusters: "Widdop will be the new Adam Blair"

    I've read this garbage comment a few times and am suitably outraged enough to start a thread to debunk the myth. The key synopsis appears to be that Widdop will prove a flop just like Blair because the so-called big 3 make him look good. Here is my key mythbusting facts countdown! :crazy: 3...
  16. grouch

    OT - markets in sydney

    Since there's no real footy for us this weekend, I'm interested in checking out some markets around town. Which do you rate? I'm a big fan of Rozelle but keen to try somewhere else I'm also interested to see if Mr Red can somehow turn this thread into a Price bashing exercise like all the...
  17. grouch

    Parramatta - A Cautionary Tale

    Sack the CEO, sack the board, sack the coach, sign flashy "marquee" players, ignore quality local juniors. Be careful what you wish for!
  18. grouch

    Anthony Griffin

    Was a rookie coach, appointed by Brisbane last year Certainly not a big name import. Yet, has achieved good results, and if not for Lockyer's injury may have gone further last season. So it is possible for "inexperienced", unknown coaches to receive an opportunity and succeed in the top...
  19. grouch

    2011 prop power rankings

    Wondering what the forum's thoughts are on the top front rowers running around at the moment. David Shillington had grabbed a toe-hold on the number one prop title last year but with his average form this year that may have slipped. Form-wise neither Shillington nor his teammate TLL would be...
  20. grouch

    Worst halfback in NRL 2011

    A poor halfback is a millstone around a team's neck, anchoring them to the floor of the NRL. Who is the worst starting halfback this year? My pick: Sandow. At least the other two have taken a team to the finals at some point