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  1. Paullyboy

    Week 3

    Do the NFL have a competition each week to find the least enjoyable game to watch, and then put it on the day that I can usually slip away to the pub for a long lunch? Jerks! If this 49ers/Rams scrapfest manages to entertain me for more than a quarter I'll be amazed.
  2. Paullyboy

    The root of all that's wrong with our game

    Last night's clusterf**k of a crowd (and game for that matter) has shone a blinding light on the fact that all isn't perfect in the world of rugby league. The game isn't necessarily in bad shape, but it sure as sh*t isn't in the shape it should be. And the root of the issue is actually quite...
  3. Paullyboy

    Would you sign Aaron Woods?

    I'll be the first to admit, I used to think Aaron Woods was a great player and one of the best props in the game, but right now - how could anyone justify signing him? He's really showing his true colours this year with respect to the way he's been carrying on both on and off the field. I still...
  4. Paullyboy

    TV Ratings Box

    I just got a call from Nielson asking if I'd be interested in having a TV ratings box. I'm naturally interested because I'd like to see the shows I like (aka NRL) get a good representation in TV ratings, but I'm also not really a fan of having to f*ck about too often to just watch TV. Has...
  5. Paullyboy

    Grand Final Seating

    I'm getting way ahead of myself on this one, I know, but if the previously unthinkable happens and the mighty Raiders win through to the Grand Final it's going to become a mad scramble to get a decent ticket. I've been to the shitty Olympic stadium once for an origin game and would rather watch...
  6. Paullyboy

    Quick tap

    I love the quick tap, and I've made this exact thread before I think, but the inconsistency on when you can and can't go has just been demonstrated in a massive way. I really hope it doesn't decide a real game.
  7. Paullyboy

    Finals schedule

    Given the green machine look set to play in the finals this year I'm trying to get my head around what position plays in what timeslot in week 1 of the finals. I've looked around and can't find it anywhere, all I could see is that last year 1v4 was Friday, 5v8 was sat arvo, 2v3 was sat night...
  8. Paullyboy

    Buying a new modem/router

    I'm with TPG (well I was until they sold my account off to someone called wondercom) and have always just used their generic modem. I'm supposed to get 100MB/s, but struggle to hit speeds of 40MB/s (courtesy of SpeedTest). I finally decided to approach them one day and they've told me I should...
  9. Paullyboy

    Searching for posts isn't working

    When you click on the name of a poster and click the "show all posts by ...." it's just redirecting to an empty, blank page lately. I've had the same issue on internet explorer (PC) and on Mercury browser on my iPhone.
  10. Paullyboy

    Diesel or Unleaded??

    G'day, I've got a work car for the next couple of days and no one know if it's diesel or unleaded because the guy who normally has it is overseas. There is no log book, there is nothing written inside the fuel cap and there is nothing obvious on the dash to tell you. How can you tell if...
  11. Paullyboy


    Is anyone on here playing It seems to be pretty much the FanDuel concept that is so popular with American sports (where you pay to play in a fantasy each week and the winners of each little competition get the cash). I won a 3 person league last week, was pretty cool...
  12. Paullyboy

    Team List Tuesday

    So it's team list Tuesday (first of the year, woohoo!). I vaguely remember that this sort of dropped off a bit last year, do team updates still get posted as they are named somewhere on this forum? If not - feel free to add them here.
  13. Paullyboy

    McGahee to Rugby

    At first I thought this was rugby league and was pretty excited, but after digging around it appears to be a union organisation. Either way, it'll be interesting to see how he goes: Willis McGahee Reportedly to Work Out at National Rugby Football League Combine Willis McGahee may be done...
  14. Paullyboy

    iPad Mini help

    I’m looking at buying my girlfriend an iPad mini for Christmas, and after reading the reviews between the mini 2 and mini 3 have realised that there is bugger all difference between them and that it’s much wiser to just buy the 2. So, I thought I was all set and then received an email today...
  15. Paullyboy

    Stoppages due to injuries

    I absolutely love watching NFL, and have been doing so for almost a decade now and yet I still don't know much about certain rules. One of them that just seems so wildly inconsistent (and incredibly frustrating as a viewer) is that whenever anyone has even the slightest injury, they just lie...
  16. Paullyboy

    Sydney Roosters, protected species. Cows screwed again

    You've lost me. f**king horseshit league
  17. Paullyboy

    Free interchange from foul play

    In origin last night we saw once again the rule of free interchange if foul play is involved. Does this include a free interchange to bring the player back on? Last night chambers, a winger, went off because of it. But did Queensland have to burn an interchange to get him back on? Or do they...
  18. Paullyboy


    I didn't watch the storm bunnies game, but just checked the stats and noticed that Joel Romelo played 9 minutes and didn't register a single run, tackle or even missed tackle. Has a player ever had 0 in every stat category before? I just can't work out how anyone could literally have no...
  19. Paullyboy

    Darcy Lussick

    A year or two ago he became a hero when he belted Steve Matai. People loved seeing that degenerate kiwi scum finally get one back. It was what rugby league is all about. Well it turns out he is a hero once more by trying to take out another degenerate dirty kiwi bully in JWH. Lussick, we...
  20. Paullyboy

    New Heineken Ads on this forum

    I've logged on 3 times today and after about 5 seconds a full screen Heineken ad pops up that you can't close. I tried clicking everywhere to bypass it but to no avail. I've never encountered anything like this before and it's made accessing this site from a desktop impossible (for me anyway)...

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