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    Round 15 vs. South Sydney Rabbitohs

    I go back to the decision to let McCollough go at the start of the season, in a year which was always going to be tough, they let him go,.. like wtf? Who cares if he wanted 3 years, they should have just sorted it out, they've managed to f**k up everything else.
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    Round 13 vs. St George Illawarra Dragons Discussion

    Amazing how we get stuck with these players and let other players go, he was being chased by other clubs a few years ago, great work by the recruitment once again. Pathetic to be smashed by St. George, shows how bad they are
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    Round 12 vs. Melbourne Storm Discussion

    Melbourne just put anyone out there and they still flog whoever they play, it's so easy for them. Something seriously wrong with this competition..
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    Round 10 vs. Manly Sea Eagles Discussion

    Bringing Croft in isn't the answer, he's just as useless.
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    Round 6 vs. Penrith Panthers Discussion

    It's not in hindsight, last year should have been a good reason to keep him around, he added experience and a calm head, something they don't have.
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    Round 6 vs. Penrith Panthers Discussion

    Imo if McCollough was still in the side we'd be more competitive, why did the club not just resign him? Really don't understand how they can justify it given how poorly the side is going.
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    Round 4 vs. Melbourne Storm Discussion

    Yeah Milford is done.. won't ever be better then what he is.. the club needs to move on. We still have too many young/inexperienced players, although other clubs seem to handle it.. gonna be many years before the club is competitive again.
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    2021 Recruitment

    Should have kept McCullough for the experience, it took them long enough to sort it out, could have done it last year..
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    2021 Recruitment

    Should be a better season, new (hopefully) better coaching staff, having Walters there should be good for the club, but whether it transforms into a good season is anyones guess. Seibold made an absolute mess of the place, that guy he use to have sitting beside him in the box (collecting stats...
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    Round 15 vs. St George Illawarra Dragons

    If Walters is coach next year, seems possible Cameron Smith could be there too..
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    Round 13 vs. South Sydney Rabbitohs

    Hmm seems like typical time frame to be sacked, for me whats going on at the moment has sped up the Warriors/Cowboys/Bulldogs sackings, no doubt this thing is impacting the players physiological states and not having a crowd to play in front of is having an impact, but I didn't like the way they...
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    Round 13 vs. South Sydney Rabbitohs

    Seems like it will be either Walters or Green? I don't see the point in risking another season with Seibold, even if there is a long term plan, I'm not a fan of how we've been playing the past 2 seasons (the floggings, and the general mess he's put together)...
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    Round 7 vs. Gold Coast Titans

    Bring Walters in to save the season.. but would never happen. IMO he hasn't done anything spectacular with QLD but he IS Brisbane, like Hasler is Manly. On a side note, I've never seen so many injuries and suspensions, seems like every week someone is either injured or suspended.
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    Round 7 vs. Gold Coast Titans

    Another gem by Isaako
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    Round 6 vs. Newcastle Knights

    Agree with Knight Vision, McCollough is already making a difference to Newcastle. The aim seems to be a side of 20 year olds. If McCollough wanted to go then different story but can't imagine he would have. That change of culture is going well..
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    Round 6 vs. Newcastle Knights

    Won't matter what changes they make, the coach is the problem.
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    Round 6 vs. Newcastle Knights

    Wish they'd get rid of the coach, these players come up with some of the dumbest plays you'll see on a footy field
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    Round 5 vs. Manly Sea Eagles

    cherry evans 2nd half wasn't a try imo. Runner completely takes out the defence, but he was on the outside shoulder, load of bs
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    Round 4 vs. Sydney Roosters

    You'd have to question why Mccullough was let go, and then why we keep persisting with Boyd.
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    Finals Week 1 vs. Parramatta Eels Discussion

    Anyone who can tackle, Milford probably shouldn't have been moved, can't blame him