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  1. EelsFan05

    The Official: Where is Pou thread?

    So where is he? Did he cop to much of a hammering after Monday night? Has he decided to support the Broncos because his man crush Kearny is there? I miss the argumentative merkin.
  2. EelsFan05

    Canterbury-Bankstown's new recruit Reni Maitua back in the Dog house's new recruit Reni Maitua back in the Dog house/canterbury-bankstowns-new-recruit-reni-maitua-back-in-the-dog-house/story-fndv2wg4-1226723875657
  3. EelsFan05

    Lussick charged Grade 1 Striking

    Faces a 1-2 match ban.
  4. EelsFan05

    Lussick's hit

    What do you reckon his hit will be graded at and does he have and carry over points? Lussick was an animal out there tonight. I didn't rate him last year but he changed my mind tonight. If we are missing Lussick and Reni next week, to go with Kelly and Sio, and a possible ankle injury to Hayne...
  5. EelsFan05

    Hayne and "his attitude".

    There's is definitely two polar opposite opinions amongst fans about whether Hayne has the right attitude to be great. There is defiantly no doubt in the world that he is the most gifted player on our roster. But does he have the right attitude to be consistently good and lead this team...
  6. EelsFan05

    Ruck area.

    As I sat at the game last night wallowing in sorrow I had plenty of time to try annd pin point the major problems in our team. Dont get me wrong there are many but I think the single thing that stands out is the ruck area. Our ball runners get dominated in tackles and show little urgency playing...
  7. EelsFan05


    At the Penrith game. If Lussick is our next big hope we are in worse trouble then we are already in.
  8. EelsFan05

    Anyone confirm Orford signed for 2 years

    Just got a message that Orford has agreed to a two year contract with Parra. Apparently it was on Sports radio. Has anyone got any info? God we need a halfback:D
  9. EelsFan05

    Hayne, Lewis charged. Slater avoids charge.

    FoxSports is reporting that both Hayne and Lewis have been charged (no word on what with). Slater, the dirty little grub, has avoided charge. I thought charges weren't finalised until the finish of the round?
  10. EelsFan05

    2010 Heritage Jersey

    Not sure if this has been covered yet. I thought that the B&G store was the only store carrying the 2010 heritage jersey. When you look at the online pictures of the jersey and the ones worn by the players on the field the hoops around the chest area are not continuous front to back, breaking...
  11. EelsFan05

    Rothfield rates Mortimer the 39th....

    greatest player in todays game in todays edition of the Daily Telegraph 1/3/2010. I rate the kid and think he is a fantastic player but is everyone getting way ahead of themselves here. The way things are going he will be getting a $500K contract to go with Hayne:)
  12. EelsFan05

    Any idea which team?

    It the Sunday Telegraphs 'What’s the Buzz' they printed an article suggesting one Sydney club has made an under the table payment to a player: I know it is a 'rumour' column but which team to you think they are talking about. Parra, Souths to a lesser extent Cronulla or Penrith?
  13. EelsFan05

    New Ticketed Memberships 2010

    I spoke to the ladies from Eels membership last Friday about new memberships for 2010. They were meant to start allocating memberships today the 23rd November. Due to the number of renewals and picking up of new seats this is not going to start until "hopefully" Monday the 30th November. When...
  14. EelsFan05

    Did anyone see...

    On Channel 10 news tonight the parents who named their son Cayless Hindmarsh ******. I've been accused of being fanatical but that takes the cake.
  15. EelsFan05

    I got tickets!!!

    YESSS!!! sorry had to share. Aisle 116. Sold out in 2 minutes.
  16. EelsFan05

    Ticket sale numbers

    Has anyone heard how ticket sales are going today. Heard on 2GB that things going the way they are there will be no tickets available tomorrow morning.
  17. EelsFan05

    Grand Final Merchandise

    Has anyone heard whether the club is going to release grand final merchandise as they did in 2001 prior to the day?
  18. EelsFan05

    First Post

    Gday all, Lifetime Eels fan who has been reading for the past 3-4 months with interest and thought I would get involved. Must say I'm not that cofident for the upcoming game but I am sure the team can perform better then the display they put in last Friday night. Looking forward to adding to...

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