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    Sullivan re-signs with Dragons

    It was never in doubt. (Patience is required sometimes)
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    The Rumours Thread

    Are these all rumours or posts about the draw?
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    The Footy Show...

    I don’t think the NRL is asking specifically for The Footy Show, just something on Wednesday night. With Sterlo gone from CH9, it might be good timing to begin a new-look rugby league show anyway. The Footy Show was great in the 90s & early 2000s, but it’s time for new talent & ideas.
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    Norm Provan RIP

    A lot of terrific comments on here - a true great of the game & worthy Immortal - proud to say he played for the Dragons. There's a 1 hour tribute running on Fox League every hour at 6pm, 7pm, 8pm & 9pm tonight.
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    Top 50 NRL Games on Fox League

    Agree, but sadly the attention span of many sees them unwilling to commit more than 30 minutes to a replayed game. (some even struggle watching that much of a live game - 'I just want the highlights/good parts').
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    Top 50 NRL Games on Fox League

    If you need a footy fix, this is on again - that Sea Eagles game against the Cowboys from 2005 was a cracker.
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    The Rumours Thread

    Yeah, Woods & Moga will be confirmed by club soon & Sullivan extension isn’t far away - please be patient.
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    Benji tribute on Fox League

    Yeah, at Leichhardt on a sunny Sunday afternoon in front a packed crowd. Benji having fun & just playing footy without an overloaded game plan, so good to watch.
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    Benji retires

    Apparently signed for 2 years with Fox League.
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    Benji tribute on Fox League

    I just noticed on the EPG that Fox League are showing his full press conference & then highlights of 3 of his memorable games from 7:30 AEDT tonight, replaying that from 10pm & also tomorrow morning from 830. He's one of those rare players you could fill a full day with awesome career...
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    Yeah, all these biased shows are so biased. It’s like all the commentators that don’t like ‘our’ team, they seem to love it when ‘our’ team make a mistake & even more when ‘our’ team loses. When ‘our’ team does anything good, it’s just luck or they blame the refs & when ‘our’ team wins, they...
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    The Rumours Thread

    Also a no from me. The club doesn’t need more centres & need to avoid players with off-field concerns. That might be harsh, but it’s needed for recruitment & retention.
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    Jayden Sullivan

    Be patient.
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    Fox league social media and journo hypocrisy. Who else has had enough of them?

    Very close, it was total sarcasm. The only places for people to air their grievances (Frank Costanze style) were talkback radio, letters to papers/magazines or at the pub/a party or at work. Plus the coverage was less than half the games & people in general were just less opinionated (no social...
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    The Rumours Thread

    Broncos or Raiders at this stage.
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    Matty Johns Podcast with Cooper Cronk

    Just wondering how many people have been watching this? The rugby league analysis is outstanding. It’s so different to anything else of this type. Some have tried before, but only did it/ do it for about 5 minutes as part of a panel show or pre-post game show. It doesn’t rely on gimmicks & is...
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    Fox League Top 50 Finals

    It’s catering for the short(er) attention span demographic - that is growing.
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    Fox League Top 50 Finals

    Looks like a good mix of games from different decades
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    Fox League Top 50 Finals

    They’ve just begun this - 2 tonight, then 4 on Saturday afternoon from 1. At least there’s some footy to watch.
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    There’s always 100% Footy where the guys on the panel don’t have narrow-minded opinions or their own agendas.

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