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    Dufty and Aitken set to leave

    It doesn't matter who we sign or let go until we have a cleanout above. Starting with the Coach.
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    Round 22 vs Sharks

    True But we had a good go of possesion in their 20 and looked like under 10s
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    Round 22 vs Sharks

    Top player and dug deep and always does His not a guy that's going to win you a game on his own
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    Round 22 vs Sharks

    We had enough football to win 50 games We do not have 1 player with a footy brain
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    Other Games, Teams & Players...

    Dean Pay looks to be learning Mary on the other hand
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    Herman Ese’ese

    We've sunk pretty low if we're getting excited about the possibility of signing Ese'ese
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    Barrett to Panthers

    I don't think alot of supporters would have fond memories of him. Only ever played well for NSW and that was his main goal each year get himself fit for SOO. For mine he is my least favourite player to ever pull on the red V. To me his nickname of the tampon was appropriate.
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    Barrett to Panthers

    Thank Christ I became a sneaky christian for the last few weeks praying he wouldn't sign Back to my hedonistic ways starting right now
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    Junior pathways or the road to nowhere

    I was actually humming the tune of The Talking Heads song when reading the title of this thread. That is what this season has done to my wellbeing.
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    I like Graham Just think he should be playing 40 to 50mins not 65 plus
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    2019 R21 Sun - Raiders 18-22 Roosters @ GIO

    Refs 22 Raiders 18 Just getting in early
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    2019 R21 Sat - Eels 20-14 Knights @ Bankwest

    That was a penalty 4 times for Parra last week when they layed down
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    Round 21 vs Titans

    I know that but I would like to think that us paying for his parents trip over won't be tacked onto our cap. But nothing would surprise me.
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    Round 21 vs Titans

    Yet the NRL opened their cheque book for Cams 400th dinner
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    Round 21 vs Titans

    Can't wait for the press conference
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    Round 21 vs Titans

    This must go down as game of the year
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    Round 21 vs Titans

    Our coach is magnificent with his usage of the bench
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    Round 21 vs Titans

    Ford getting splinters
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    Round 21 vs Titans

    Bit hard on Saab I think he will be a good player