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  1. The Masked Avenger

    The next 5 games ... and then the last 6

    I'm not a journo.... and neither is my wife
  2. The Masked Avenger

    Rumoured/Confirmed signings thread

    Frig me sideways. In Fitz we trust. Oh Nicky you’re so fine, you’re so fine you blow my mind hey Nicky
  3. The Masked Avenger

    Observation # 15,468

    I started typing his name and immediately began an uncontrollable shaking fit. It’s like a curse
  4. The Masked Avenger

    Observation # 15,468

    So, with the apparently shocking treatment dished out to George Williams by Canberra. How long until the “nude nut knob” James Hooper, the “wannabe CEO” Ben Ikin and the “laugh a minute “ Steve Crawley hop into the disgraceful, inept and downright disrespectful Canberra Raiders management? Cue...
  5. The Masked Avenger

    Player walkout...

    The mass exodus continues eh!!!
  6. The Masked Avenger


    I for one am disappointed he won’t be playing this weekend. We need his passion, he lifts the team. And to Eion’s point if he’s not a better forward than Margoulias and the way we have been using him then I’m a real bad judge.
  7. The Masked Avenger

    TEAM of most despised players still playing

    Cody Walker is an absolute grub. Would have got belted back in the day
  8. The Masked Avenger

    Hear From Fitzy

    Great piece. Fair slap down delivered to Flange Jr for mine as well.
  9. The Masked Avenger

    Side v Stinking Stains

    Hey at least we aren’t the Broncos and playing Albert Kelly at 5/8.
  10. The Masked Avenger


    Ridiculous rule altering tonight. Wow just wow. How many players go down now when they get a tap to the head??? Also, If tonight’s foul play indiscretions resulted in 10 in the bin, why not just punch someone in the head? Same result, more damage
  11. The Masked Avenger

    A Reynolds

    Anyone who thinks he went to the Broncs for any reason other than $$$$ in the form of current or future TPA’s is kidding themselves.
  12. The Masked Avenger

    A Reynolds

    Exactly, comment from the man himself rather than the ill informed dribble from the likes of Hooper and co.
  13. The Masked Avenger

    A question from the floor

    So looks like all clubs obeyed directives, other than Parra, this could get interesting.
  14. The Masked Avenger

    A question from the floor

    Do any of you dribblers know if Dugan played for Newtown on the weekend? I know it’s probably mentioned in one of the threads but I couldn’t be assed wading through cryptic posts, political ramblings and Chad hate to find it. Reason I’m asking is with the reinstatement of the covid bubble would...
  15. The Masked Avenger

    Chad hooked

    Riccio really impressed me in that podcast. For that matter so did the podcast. Thanks Sam, top shelf mate
  16. The Masked Avenger

    Triple M

    The thing I liked about Moylan on Friday night was that he was the only player of ours I saw that tried to hurt them. They bashed us up pure and simple
  17. The Masked Avenger

    Chambers Watch

    Let’s hope he punches Munster in the head. Contract fulfilled for mine
  18. The Masked Avenger

    Bye bye Sharon

    Ok seriously I’ve had enough. The guy is a powder puff. No intensity at all. All post contact metres made tip toeing backwards while the opposition reset their defensive line ( Mate, news flash they let you do it as it is to their advantage) Hannay, ring Fitzy and if he’s not in our plans...
  19. The Masked Avenger

    Chambers Watch

    Did anyone see him go around for the Jets today? I notice he got binned for 10