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  1. Moffo

    Should each NRL club be forced to contract two players from non big 3 teams?

    I think it would help develop the game. They'd need to be in top 25 and somehow split across the countries so that the teams don't just load up on Samoans
  2. Moffo

    Subway ad during rlwc games

    We get have flat bread Now f**k off and stop showing it. Gets my nipples in a knot
  3. Moffo

    Vossy doodle ups

    Whilst talking about eating jacket potatoes he missed - vatuvei going off 30mins before they figured out he wasn't on the field - Hoffman going down injured in the second half - lulelai's injury I like Vossy but one feels his standards have slipped
  4. Moffo

    Advice needed

    Hi guys, Well I need advice I've been seeing a girl on and off for a few years. It's recently been quite on and I thought that it may finally be about to work Issue being that she has been in a relationship for most of this time. She got engaged about 2 months ago but has continued to...
  5. Moffo


    Mmmmm I generally avoid this race like the plague. 3yr olds can just not be relied upon to get through a tough 2500m Does anyone have a guide here? I'm scouting wide...I can just smell another outsider winning it this year
  6. Moffo

    Melbourne Cup

    I don't like the favourites this year I like a tidy little proposition that worked its way home very nicely from last in the caulfield cup. Get it out on a longer straight and watch it go At 30/1, I am excited
  7. Moffo

    Bring back Rabs

    Sorry guys As much as Rabs say douche things and Vossy is a great guy, I just don't think I get as excited watching a game when voss is calling. He is too conversational, has a limited ability to hit the higher octaves and show genuine excitement when something big happens and overall, I...
  8. Moffo

    Dogs sine Maitua

    Why? We have an elite forward pack. Why do we need another fecking forward? Des wtf are you thinking?
  9. Moffo

    Last three NRL head honchos have been called Dave

    Smith, gallop and the great Moffo Why? Is Dave really that shit hot a name? Grant should walk over this
  10. Moffo

    Why do the dogs get to put the bulldogs banner up?

    It's an nrl finals game? Wtf? Explain yourself mr grant
  11. Moffo

    There is only one team left who can beat easts

    Manly tried but have an impotent attack ruined by nongs such as Watmong and Stewart Souffs got big game jitters and were rolled Melbourne don't have the forwards to match them Knights...well their year is about to finish Sharks don't have the creative players to crack easts That only leaves...
  12. Moffo

    Ban alcohol from the double header

    Lets face it...a lot of people there will be drinking solid from 3-9pm on Saturday There'll be drunk dickheads kicking off everywhere come the end of game 2 As such I propose a ban on the sale of substances that may induce one to get drunk The safety of all attendees should be the NRLs...
  13. Moffo

    John Grant should walk over this catastrophe...

    The Fake decision is the biggest of all derp decisions I've ever seen RL administrators make (and there have been a few) Grant should hand his badge back...pathetic and going to f**k up the first round of the finals Piss off Grant you idiot
  14. Moffo

    Dogs get ten days between games

    Thank you Mr Greenberg you scholar of a man. Knights only get 7 if we play them Lulz
  15. Moffo

    Prince - one of the most disappointing players of our generation?

    I think so The guy had the world on his feet early on...playing alongside bunji he was brilliant, really had the potential to go to that next level and doing this at a time when Joey was about to pull stumps and before JT and Cronk had emerged I think what he did from there was supremely...
  16. Moffo

    Souffs out iN straight sets

    Souffs go bye bye
  17. Moffo

    Wiener will come from bottom 4

    You heard it here first I'm calling the top 4 as all gornskis!!!
  18. Moffo

    Does Foxtel Play suck for you?

    It keeps rewinding to a point prior in the game when I'm trying to watch something live Fix your shit up foxtel
  19. Moffo

    Rank them - who'd you rather play in weak 1 of the playoffs?

    Knights, cows or warriors? Knights for mine...predictable, slow...I know they beat us earlier on the year but id be confident Cows...wouldn't mind playing them in Sydney, they are shit usually down here Warriors...f**k no! Really think they will cause some problems in the finals
  20. Moffo

    Guys, iPad issue with this site

    The advertisement at the bottom of each page f**ks the scrolling on iPads and is really annoying Can you guys look in to fixing it? Thanks, Moffo

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