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    No inside knowledge. Just a theory. But I don't think Bellamy can announce he is signing with Sharks until all Storm free agents (Finucane) we are pursuing are secured by Sharks for 2022. It would potentially be seen as a conflict of interest and Storm management would terminate his contract...
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    More Good News

    Do I take a day off work and go see announcement 26/2 at 915? Better be good.
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    Big Flano

    Assistant to Craig Bellamy. They are friends and Bellamy is looking to retire after contract expires in 2021. Making the transition easier for 2022.
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    Gal trivia -the final round

    Gal was the sharks only point scorer in clubs record loss to Parramatta in 2003 (4-74). Other interesting points. This was the beginning of the end for referee Shayne Hayne Peachy, as captain, was sent off for asking ref if he was going to send the rest of the team to the sin bin. Coach John...
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    Sack everyone. I just saved 20 threads.

    Might not have too. Could get suspended for a front on shove. 2 weeks when he fights it.
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    Game Day Vs. Worriers

    Williams was ordinary. Dropped balls, sliding off tackles etc etc Not the only one.
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    GAME DAY vs. CAM

    Don’t think to much to go for us tonight. Hoping Cam Smith goes to Sin Bin once.
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    Game Day vs Broncos

    I don’t think Woods has beaten the Broncos. Hopefully that changes today.
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    He we go...again

    No SYDNEY team is safe. Not even Roosters with small junior base. NRL want to make teams geographically based. It really depends on how they break it up. For example Sharks, Dragons and Dogs join (not merge) to form a Southern District team. Tribalism will remain in NSW Cup. But all new teams...
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    He we go...again

    Hasn’t stopped a dragons player investing in South Village or high profile Manly recruit set up in building business by former owner. Just saying
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    If Flanno gets sacked

    Noakes will follow Flanno out the door.
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    Valentine Holmes

    It’s a ploy to end up at Cowboys in 2019 without a transfer fee. Go to NFL and find out it is too hard and then return to Cowboys by start of season.
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    OT - J.Salmon

    Small fry
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    2019 Draw

    I think this is the first year 9 and fox don’t have final say in scheduling matches. Hopefully common sense prevails at NRL HQ and all teams get a fair distribution across all time slots.
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    OT: I shouldn’t be surprised.....

    Love the song they played in his send off. Hit the road Jack and don’t you come back....
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    Feki's farked wing not a good look

    Clive Churchill medal here we come.
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    Anyone still want to sack Flanno?

    I am extremely fickle when it comes to supporting coaches or players form. ATM I am in support of Flanno the coach. But from what I saw today if Flanno Jnr gets control of the first grade team my opinion will change immediately.
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    OT: I’ve got the joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart

    Whether he plays or not next weekend. He will still win the Clive Churchill Medal.
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    Sharks v storms

    Needed Matt Cecchin to send Cam Smith to the Sin Bin. Twice in one year would be awesome.
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    Jets Semi final today

    Thanks for the updates.

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