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    Round 7 V Roosters

    Seeing as the team are undefeated when I make the game day thread, I figured I'd do it again for this game. On the back of a well rounded 80 minute performance against the Knights, we've shown signs of life which is great to see! Can we match it with the Chooks on Anzac Day and cause an...
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    Round 6 v Knights

    I must be the only one but I woke this morning feeling optimistic about this game. Our horrible start of season draw is almost over and we will finally get to see our beloved dragons have a run against a few of the more evenly matched skill level wise sides. Fox Commentary mentioned last night...
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    How did we let this happen?

    Alright guys, I know this isn't what we want to read, but watching the Sharks play last night (and throughout the year) has got me wondering how we let this happen? Since the JV to 2011, we were firmly the more dominant and competitive club and were the big brother. In that time we had the...
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    New Member Intro

    Gday Lads, I have just signed up and wanted to introduce myself. Look forward to discussing all things saints with yas. Cheers