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    Russell Crowe - It's what we're all thinking

    Glad someone of some profile has got the balls to make a public statement: ‘It’s not a cap, it’s a sombrero!’: Crowe breaks silence on Suaalii with thinly-veiled Roosters swipe
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    One Sleep To Go

    Not sure about anyone else but this has to be one of the shortest feeling off-seasons I have ever experienced. Normally the gap between the grand final and round one is the very definition of "eternity". Bring it on...
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    Nick Emmett

    Poor bugger - can't win a trick. The club kept this reasonably quiet.
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    Ben Hunt Wonder if this guy might be worth an offer. He's very highly rated in Brisvegas.
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    Beau to make Kangaroo Debut

    Go you good thing..
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    The Run Home

    Our run home to the end of the season should put us in an excellent frame of mind for the finals. In the final 7 rounds we play 4 teams definitely still in the hunt for the 6/7/8 positions - could even be 5 teams as Canberra still consider themselves a chance to hit the magic 28pts if they win...
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    Beau Scott

    Beau's been drafted into the Australian Team as 18th man due to injury to Shillington. A fitting reward for Scott - just being in the squad will make him an even better player..
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    Scumbag Queensland Reds Union

    I guess imitation is the sincerest form of flattery but surely there's some kind of complaint we can make - the Queensland Reds Union team recently signed up sponsors the St George Bank and are now marketing themselves as "The St George Reds"..... Personally I find this offensive!!!!
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    Man Tears

    I'm not ashamed to admit I shed some man tears tonight! For us oldies 31 years was more than enough time. I was going strong until Bennie lead the team song after the game and I blubbed like a baby...
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    Crowd at Kogarah Yesterday

    Were there really only 15,700 at the ground yesterday - looked and sounded like a lot more on the TV....
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    Dragons Training Session in Brisbane

    Just came from the Red V gathering to watch the Dragons train before tomorrow's BIG game. Coops and Young didn't finish the session, and went off to do their own workout. Not sure if they're in doubt for tomorrow. Dan Hunt looks good and said he feels fine, is raring to go for next year, as is...
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    South Sydney Charity Shield Pack

    Apparently the Wabbits pack this weekend is the biggest ever put on a field!! Surely some of those fat pommie test packs in the 80's would give them a run for their money :)