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  1. J

    this is why i hate the TAB

    Im not a big punter just have a bit of fun but this killed me today. Hooper pulled out 3hrs before the game. any other fixed odds bet they take the player/team/horse out but the good old tab screwed me again. potential $1200 with player out would have been about $450/$500. off to sports bet...
  2. J

    Can the Rabbitohs buy a whole origin team

    Seeing the scabs are now looking to get Tupou on their books maybe NSW and QLD can play them next year. I'm just so glad the Salary caps spreading the talent . 1.Allen 2.Tupou 3.Gagai 4.Mitchell 5. 6.Walker 7.Reynolds 8. 9. Cook 10. 11.Arrow 12.Sua 13.Murray Throw in Johnson and Burgess who...
  3. J

    Club members

    I was just wondering how many people on this forum have memberships for their club and do you care about keeping that membership even though they aren't playing to support them. My wife bought my daughter , son and myself one for the last couple of years and is blowing up. Myself I don't mind...
  4. J

    Juniors in the GF

    Was just looking through the players from both teams and was surprised to see the raiders only had 2 juniors in their team. Mind you that’s twice the roosters. I thought with the entire ACT there would be a greater number.
  5. J

    Ryan stig

    Hi all, I don't remember asking this before but what happened to Ryan stig. I thought he played really well one yr and never heard of him again. I thought a club would have picked him up for sure. thanks
  6. J


    just wondering about cherrington, Didn't hear anything about him in the trails. Thought they might rest him for obvious reason's.
  7. J

    Dogs the new Roosters

    Its now become apparent that the Dogs have taken over the mantle as the the scum of the league, 1.Buy evey player to try and win the comp, 2.Arrogant players and club, 3.worst fans in the comp, 4.Most hated club, 5.Michael Ennis, 6.Get every 50/50 decision, so have they overtaken the Roosters
  8. J

    ennis hit on soward

    I was wondering if anybody else thought the elbow to the back of soward was worth a citing. myself, i thought it was just typical ennis being the grub he is and cheap shotting someone,but i still think he deserved to go for it. i think if there hadnt been such a furore over the no try this might...
  9. J

    spreading the word

    been playing a bit of poker lately,and been thinking another way to spread the word about league is to start talking about the games while playing sure there is a lot of poker players amonst us,so how about we start talking about league on the poker sites that we play on.i play on titan...
  10. J

    bring back arko and quale

    regardless of what is said by superleague titty twisters these 2 were the best administrators the league has seen. in 95 we had the higest ratings,biggest crowds and the game was expanding to all parts,these 2 were league men with a (i hate to say it)vision for our game and only in the interest of...
  11. J

    dogs fans on hughes

    can some of the dogs fans tell me why their is a lot of negativity towards it something he done or said?i'd just like to know what the problem is with him.
  12. J

    gb,nz tests

    does anybody know if the series is being shown on pay tv
  13. J

    have a laugh at this piece this is an absolute classic,tried to link the whole article but stuffed up,anyhow just click the bottom of the link for more.
  14. J

    tk and hayse

    hey all,i want to start up some sort of petition to keep tk and hayse together on the big sports breakie and get ride of that league hater freeman.the show has been far more enjoyable listening without lees question is how do i set it up,not being very computer literate i'm not to sure.
  15. J

    is amos the worst defending fullback in the comp

    roberts must be the worst defender in the comp,every time ive seen him play fullback in games ive watched if a break was made he was no chance of stopping them.surely there is no other fullback who is worse at tackling.
  16. J

    souths shirts

    i noticed on souths players shirts they have a logo saying 100 seasons,now without wanting to upset souths supporters shouldnt this actually say 98 seasons. maybe they should change it to 100yrs to refer to the date they were formed or are they trying to bluff the other teams that have been...
  17. J

    league rules union

    why leaguies rule the union roost by world of truth australian correspondant jack coburn For a sport that spent the best part of a hundred years using every avenue at their disposal to kill rugby league how ironic is it that rugby union now depends on rugby league like never before. After years...
  18. J

    transferring from word

    not being very computer literate i was wondering if some one could tell me how i can get a document off microsoft word that i wrote and put it on the forums,
  19. J

    teams with most internationals

    thought id do a team count to see who had the most the warriors are hard but here goes nz 12 dogs 7 bris 7 pen 7 saints 7 newcastle 6 melb 5 roosters 5 tigers 5 parra 5 cowboys 4 cronulla 4 canb 3 souths 3 man 2
  20. J

    calling all league fan's

    well fan's as you all know we've been under fire from all side's of the media and it's about time we all stopped wingeing and get organised. what we need to do is get a committed group of fan's to bombard radio and paper's asking question's about the lack of penalties handed down to olaughlin...

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