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  1. charlesv

    Round 10 versus the Titans

    Has Molo been suspended or is he sick was still on the team sheet and nothing updated regarding any suspensions
  2. charlesv


    I SURE DID its a given good old Uncle Nick at work lol
  3. charlesv


    Roosters trio get off scott free again especially Teflon JWH :(
  4. charlesv

    You go girls

    and of course the Roosters player gets off the careless tackle which would of been a minimum 1 match :(
  5. charlesv

    Mark Shulman Dead at Age 70

    We just lost another great player under rated big heart the team up there is growing more sadly missed RIP champion
  6. charlesv

    Immortal Johnny Raper - Immortal

    RIP Johnny great man in company with your great team mates
  7. charlesv

    Joseph Leilua

    definitely not too much bad luggage
  8. charlesv

    Norm Provan RIP

    Loss of a true Statesman of the game who should of been made an Immortal long before those of the like of Andrew Johns and Mal Menniga RIP along side your little mate Arthur
  9. charlesv

    Dragons re-sign Mikaele Ravalawa

    its the colour of the jersey
  10. charlesv

    Spirit of the Red V: A Century of Dragons Rugby League (Volume I: 1921–1967)

    Just got my book for Father's Day will post comment on book once i finish reading also i think it would be a good idea if every player at Saints get a copy and read it then supply a thesis on what it means to wear the Red V
  11. charlesv

    Round 25 vs Bunnies (Goodbye Corey)

    I think even for some of Dufty's faults in defence he could of had a send off as well being a Saint George junior he did give some exciting moments with his passing which led to tries and also at times his individual try scoring ability good luck to him in the future
  12. charlesv

    Round 25 vs Bunnies (Goodbye Corey)

    What a shame Dufty couldn't get a farewell instead of Norman
  13. charlesv

    2022 Squad: Gains, Losses & Re-signings.

    Brayden has signed to play rugby overseas i think
  14. charlesv

    Refereeing Transparency & Consistency

    Saab's try at the death my son showed me this late Saturday night :(
  15. charlesv

    Vent to Club

    same here very polite an respectful
  16. charlesv

    Vent to Club

    Hello all long time reader of the forum just adding my name to the list of dragons fans disgruntled with what has happened to this club i sent an email reply when i received a membership renewal notice i replied with this. whether any notice is taken i don't know "Thank you...
  17. charlesv

    2019 team line up

    Thanks Samy not A regular poster but regular reader
  18. charlesv

    2019 team line up

    Hi What has happened t o Dylan Morris?