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  1. redwhitedragon

    2022 Squad: Gains, Losses & Re-signings.

    Williams same bloke Blacker flattened in the trial against Sharks.
  2. redwhitedragon


    I really thought that JDB came of age today, finally grown up. He was dominating in everything. This game coincided with the removal of his hair bun and adding the fierce looking beard. The whole forward pack could be a scary proposition
  3. redwhitedragon

    Ben Hunt

    I heard that Hunt and Kevin Walters are very close as well. It may be a case that if we can attract Hunt maybe it may be enticing for Walters to come or vice versa. That would be great I reckon.
  4. redwhitedragon

    Dragons Chasing Hastings

    Automatically we'd be linked to Hastings, but is Cooper Cronk over the line with the Storm yet, it may be an origin thing but to me the talks with him signing with storm have gone quiet. Do the Dragons have the balls to go hard for Cronk?
  5. redwhitedragon

    Gasnier too harsh?

    Is it just me or every time Gaz commentates us he bags us excessively and praises the other team more? I know he tips us but he seems to revel in the other teams play. What you guys think?
  6. redwhitedragon

    The Coaching Carousel...

    They made two grand finals 2002 and 2011 your both right Anderson and Cleary
  7. redwhitedragon


    Only if you guys know any injuries?
  8. redwhitedragon

    James Roberts

    I remember this play too and thought this guy will be a superstar
  9. redwhitedragon

    Mullholand leaving?

    I'm confused but Peter Mullholland has left to join raiders on Dragons website
  10. redwhitedragon

    Paul Carter

    Like Souffs even need him.
  11. redwhitedragon

    Paul Carter

    We should be talking with this bloke he was killing it with the Titans last year until he got done for drink driving twice. Heard Souffs are going to get him. We need another gun back rower.
  12. redwhitedragon

    Fire burning within home-town Dragon

    We still an NRL powerhouse?
  13. redwhitedragon

    Who would you like to see appointed as Dragons Coach for 2015 on

    Everyone who is rumoured to joining the dragons always gets seen looking at houses at Blakehurst!
  14. redwhitedragon

    Dragons Sign Michael WITT

    Price will put Witt and Stanley as first choice halves, for sure....
  15. redwhitedragon

    Ferguson to the dragons

    Sharks released Pomeroy so I think they may make a play for him.
  16. redwhitedragon

    We should get Brad Arthur now..

    Perhaps not back door but Price was a rookie coach who didnt stick to the basics plan Bennett put in place so well. Hopefully Arthur sticks to what he knows best.
  17. redwhitedragon

    We should get Brad Arthur now..

    Manly's toughness is thanks to their defence coaching skills of Brad Arthur. do the senisble thing Saints and sign him. In return we will get a tough Bennettesque team instead of the limp wristed jellyspine team we have now.
  18. redwhitedragon

    Steve Price to remain as coach for 2014

    Honestly I'm shattered. Nothing to look forward to whatsoever. Henry will get snapped up. And by the time we wake up and sack this dope the stocks will even be more drier
  19. redwhitedragon

    Steve Price to remain as coach for 2014

    Everyone missing the point. . Widdop must have a get out clause that he walks if Price is not there !:D