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  1. One Eyed Aussie

    2018 Crowd Watch

    :D f**k, you're doing Captain Haddock proud!
  2. One Eyed Aussie

    Forum Functionality

    I've been getting what looks like the mobile version on some threads while accessing from my laptop.
  3. One Eyed Aussie

    2016 GF | PREMIERS - Sharks 14-12 Storm @ ANZ

    If Melbourne do go on to win they have earned it fair and square.
  4. One Eyed Aussie

    2016 GF | PREMIERS - Sharks 14-12 Storm @ ANZ

    f**k off with that behind the ball shot.
  5. One Eyed Aussie

    2016 GF | PREMIERS - Sharks 14-12 Storm @ ANZ

    Did someone punch Gus in the eye..or just old?
  6. One Eyed Aussie

    2016 R17 - FRI - Broncos 6-48 Storm @ Suncorp

    This is brilliant football to watch.
  7. One Eyed Aussie

    Semi RaDrama

    Radradra detained at airport by police for questioning after arriving back from Fiji according to abc24.
  8. One Eyed Aussie

    2016 Crowd Watch

    I don't think people should be too worked up by todays crowd, given it's raining cats and dogs and people have been advised to stay home. Unless you are being paid to be there today, there would have been virtually no incentive to turn up.
  9. One Eyed Aussie

    The two faces of Michael Ennis

    He's not as bad as Gallen.
  10. One Eyed Aussie

    I need advice.

    Things could have turned out worse.:D:D YA2b4AMXsnQ
  11. One Eyed Aussie

    Jamal Idris quits NRL

    I'm sure he is a nice enough guy but I think coasting along on talent alone is being lazy. What serious efforts has he made to keep his weight on track? What's he going to do with his life now? It's a situation where a little bit of effort on his part would have paid huge rewards. I think he...
  12. One Eyed Aussie

    Jamal Idris quits NRL

    Too f**king lazy. No surprises here.
  13. One Eyed Aussie


    I'm getting RU and soccer videos that autoplay - extremely annoying. I would rather not get any videos, but if I do have to get videos I don't want them to autoplay and I don't want other sports. /Rant over.
  14. One Eyed Aussie

    '15 | PF | Fri | BRI 31-12 SYD | Suncorp

    Brisbane looking good. Video ref looking for an excuse to not pay the try.
  15. One Eyed Aussie


  16. One Eyed Aussie

    Dear Wally Lewis

    Sterlo is so far ahead of the rest it's not funny. On last night's game I'll take Lockyer as commentator over Tallis or Lewis, at least taking the role seriously comes naturally to him.

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