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    O.T - Previously Departed

    There's been a lot of lost souls over the years waiting for that one special moment and not living to see it, I wonder if anyone considered this...
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    Catch it if you can Not a bad idea for a game day promotion. Wish more teams would do it. Not overly worried about St George fans crushing each other in the process either.
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    Ben Te'o cleared by police

    Ok, Who are they....there was rumours about this for a few weeks.
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    Ferguson's a Charmer

    Charm offensive Canberra star Blake Ferguson is one hell of a talented footballer but he needs to calm down when it comes to trying to woo female TV reporters and producers. At the Anthony Mundine-Daniel Geale fight, he asked one reporter to sit on his lap before following her to the women's...
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    2013 Memberships

    My apologies if this has been brought up anywhere. But has the 2013 Members Jersey design been printed or exposed anywhere? Also was trying to find out what the latest date to renew membership is.
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    OT PVR + Foxtel

    I'm sure i have asked people this before.... but i thought i'd check again as i'm looking into it. Does anyone currently use PVR's to record from foxtel...
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    BJ Leilua banned for four matches by NRL for naked photo scandal I only hope that the 'telecommunications offence' had something to do with his nickname, would be a touch of irony.
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    Dead Man Walking

    Anyone else catch the Channel 10 Sports Tonight news in regards to Stapo being able to play this weekend due to the tendon's of a dead man being inserted into his knee? Sounds like he might be posed to get the wing spot.
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    Mitch Brown

    RLW Mole: Reporting that you guys have signed Mitch Brown effective immediately.
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    Round 1 Tickets

    Hey Guys, I have heard that tickets go on sale on PROticket tomorrow open to general public? Do you guys know if this is correct? I can't see the event on there at the moment so i wanted to ensure i knew where to buy tickets when they do come on sale. Cheers and good luck for the season.
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    Kicking - Sandow or Burt

    Hey Guys, Thought you would know the answer to this one as a few mates are trying to find out who will kick for you guys this year, Fantasy team crises etc :) I would have thought Burt is a shoe in to retain the goal kicking duties... can anyone shed some light for me? Thanks guys... best of...
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    Caption Time

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    Memberships - ET Upper Stand

    Is anyone here a full season ticket holder in the ET Upper stand? My friends and I currently have a different membership and are considering moving into the ET Upper stand and apparently there are only single tickets available... I didn't think the stand was that heavily sold out... is it??
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    Sharks sharpen teeth

    Not sure if anyone noticed this in the paper the day before or posted it anywhere. Apparently Scotty F-Bomb Porter enjoys giving a good clean :)
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    What more?

    Did anyone else watch the footy show last night and in particular the Magnay segment. I have no doubt that TZ has done many things wrong and acted in an inappropriate manner and hence the furore that has erupted. However, what i cannot understand is where this journalist gets off in slandering...
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    Where art Thou Simmons lover

    On a more serious note, Anyone who listens to the Big Sports Breakfast or Talkin Sport will have heard the recent callers defending Simmons and leaping to his defense via statistics that he makes 82% (effictive tackle) of the tackles that he is involved in. These people have also mentioned...
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    Pick The Score

    Chook Chook Chook - 18 Sharks - 16
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    Mckinnon Shot

    Was anyone else at least a little surprised not to see Mckinnon charged? I thought he cocked his shoulder and lifted up to hit Degois, not to mention that the point of contact was his head.
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    Kogarah fence collapse

    Hey Guys, I remember at the time, people had gif / images of the Masons breaking the fence at Kogarah, does anyone have any images or video of this. I have checked Google images and also youtube but have not been able to find it. Would be much appreciated. Cheers,
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    Score v Eels

    Not sure if this has been posted but i wanted to get a glimpse at what people are speculating the score will be. Sharks 24 - Eels 22