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  1. jershschnerf

    The Game 2022 Jerseys, Sponsorship, Logos etc

    Most noteworthy thing to me is that new Classic collar!
  2. jershschnerf

    The Game 2022 Jerseys, Sponsorship, Logos etc

    I see how it pays homage to the "Beetson" jersey while adding some newer elements. It works. I like it fine without being overly inspired by it. Hopefully the alt does something more daring than a simple colour swap.
  3. jershschnerf

    Official: Redcliffe Dolphins to join NRL in 2023

    It has that effect. Wasn't a fan at all the first time I heard "Sunshine State Dolphins" but now I kinda love it.
  4. jershschnerf

    The Game Jerseys, Logos, Mock Ups, Photos ANYTHING

    Jumped on everyone's favourite kitbuilder and made a concept for a Firehawks home and away jersey.
  5. jershschnerf

    The Game 2021 Jerseys, Sponsorship, Logos etc

    Best dogs jersey in years :heart_eyes:
  6. jershschnerf

    The Game 2020 Jerseys/Logos/Sponsorships

    Bulldogs teamstore have updated their 2020 jerseys. Still no major sponsor but notable change is the Classic logo moving from the chest to the shoulders on the home and away jerseys.

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