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    Match Discussion: Round 9 vs Manly @ 4 Pines Park, Brookvale

    First half the ref was as bad as I have seen in a long time. With the players we lost during the game coupled with those already injured it was a very good effort
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    2022 R2 Fri - St Geo Illa 16-20 Penrith @ Netstrata Jubilee

    The wrestle is back, Penrith have taken it to a new level. They slowed the Dragons play the ball down to snails pace and the ref did not do a thing. As usual nothing will be done
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    Every Club's Real Cap Worth

    Bottom line, some teams are forced to pay a premium to attract players so there cap has less buying power than the better sides. This can be for geographical reason or can be perceived success or lack of success of a club. For example a team like the Tigers are probably having to pay 30% more...
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    Season ‘22

    I would play Maden at 14, and have either Brooks or Hastings play nine when Simkins needs a break. Not sold on The Peach at D/H
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    So, where are we going to finish in ‘22?

    15th would be a good effort given our bog average roster and carry over injuries from last season. Most of our really good juniors are one or two seasons away from a NRL start and our two quality signings are still a year away. Covid could be the big factor that levels out the comp. Getting 17...
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    2023-2028 next tv deal discussion

    Without doubt nines NRL coverage is at the bottom of the pile when it comes to sport coverage in OZ. The thought of Johns and Gould for another five years would be up there with Scotty winning the next elections. Peter V with his rule changes and now Tv rights is trying his hardest to kill the...
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    Season ‘22

    With our roster unlikely to change much between now and March it’s very hard to be optimistic about climbing the ladder. I think the club is very lucky they have got a couple of top notch signings for 23 to keep the punters interested. Anyway all I want in 22 is a team that is still in the...
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    What a crock of sh*t

    If our mob serve up the same rubbish in 2022 as this season It will not matter where they play….because Iam not going.
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    Rumours (signings, sackings & other stuff)

    Unless the team are diabolical in 2022 Madge will be safe. Sheens and the board know the present roster is way short of a top eight squad. They want to see improvement and effort. Not that you can believe a word you read or hear, but there seems to be a good vibe around the squad and that’s...
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    Random Tigers articles from the media

    Sheens was hired to oversee a lot of things, but getting the media under control would have been one of the first things on a big list. So far so good, he doesn’t take any crap from them and he makes himself available to them. Of course the real test is once the season starts and we are on...
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    Rumours (signings, sackings & other stuff)

    All the talk I am hearing in the last 24hours is Cotric is going back to the Raiders. Of course things are changing directions all the time, but I think we have gone from odds on to about 100 to one. Not the end end of the world but would have been a handy signing.
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    Rumours (signings, sackings & other stuff)

    Vic I think the Chooks would have won the comp this year if they had some luck from the Injury god. Not that I am complaining, always like so see the Chooks in a hole. 2022 will be a interesting year, a lot of the bottom teams have built up and the top teams Have dropped a tad. Sharks could be a...
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    Squad 2022

    Defence is our Achilles heel, and both the above players will help in that department. We can’t get anywhere near the eight without massive improvements in defence. I do worry a tad that the squad lacks a game breaker that you need in Peter V football, but maybe after last year they may pull...
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    Rumours (signings, sackings & other stuff)

    Keeping the young kids interested is going to be the hard part when their pathway gets blocked. It becomes a real balancing act. Blokes like Seyfarth, Simkins and Talau Will need both Cotric and Thompson to get any where need the 8 in 22. Of course 23 should be the year we start our run, with...
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    Rumoured Signings

    But did they ever repay all the bail outs from the NRL.
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    Rumours (signings, sackings & other stuff)

    Hodgson would be a gamble, but is probably not a bad move. Tough, experienced,skill full and a D/H with a kicking game. In saying that father times is catching up with him. Pitty it is not the other Pom at the Raiders..Whitehead
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    2021 R25 Thu - Canberra 16-40 Sydney @ BB Print

    Snowflakes Sutton has his cash on the Chooks
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    How many weeks for Latrell?

    Should be 10 weeks and a few extra for having form. Now if he takes the plea he gets a lousy 6 weeks. The NRL have been suspending players all year for the softest tackles, than when the real ugly ones happen they go soft. Mitchell has a rap sheet a mile long, he needs a massive wake up call...
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    2021 R22 Sat - Manly 56-10 Parramatta @ Sunshine Coast

    Gutho’s asking price just took a big hit. How bad are Moses and Brown travelling. Parra are absolutely terrible, but Manly are a real chance of pushing both Riff and the Storm for the big one.
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    Has your care factor waned?

    Been a paid up member for most of the Weststigers short history And spent hours either at games, reading stuff in the media or spending hours on the net. Well this year has basically squashed my interest in the game. The new rules coupled with a team that is terrible with very little chance of...