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  1. ParraEelsNRL

    CONFIRMED - Canadian team to enter English leagues Been mentioned and talked about over the last 2 years, looks to be happening next season.
  2. ParraEelsNRL

    NRL to enter Chinese market

    Just thought I'd repost this thread here as the thread in the main NRL forum seems to have gone down the lets find the biggest comedian route as usual. I like this, I like this a lot and hope something comes from it and thye stick with it...
  3. ParraEelsNRL

    al-jazeera report on Womens RL in PNG From last week, didn't see it posted anywhere.
  4. ParraEelsNRL

    League Culture Pod cast all your International news This is good stuff, will end up being a sticky.
  5. ParraEelsNRL

    France - USA confirmed October 18 Keep your eyes out for any stream that may become available guys.
  6. ParraEelsNRL

    Brian Smith to coach USA

    Haven't seen this posted anywhere.
  7. ParraEelsNRL

    Is Sandow in the wrong position?

    The more I think of it the more I realise this little bloke is a tough fella. He has speed, can pass, can kick and can help in tackles down low in with the bigger guys giving a bit more cover, should the eels put him in at hooker and just see how it goes for a few weeks seeing how stuffed we...
  8. ParraEelsNRL

    That afl fella that rode his bike for charity

    Legend, well done champion. The human race needs more like you.
  9. ParraEelsNRL

    New structure for FFR XIII elite 1 and 2 FRENCH FEDERATION UNVEILS NEW CHAMPIONSHIP FORMAT I don't like the look of this but will wait to see how it pans out before I put the boot in.
  10. ParraEelsNRL

    strategic plan involving International RL Bloody hell, I only whinged for a little bit of money to start off with for the international game, wasn't ever expecting this, well done you good things.
  11. ParraEelsNRL

    The Year Players And Referees Walked Off Mid-Game – Repeatedly Interesting read on the early French game and some of the problems they had. Well done Mr Lyle Beaton on researching all this history.
  12. ParraEelsNRL

    LER 1 and 2 season 2012/13

    Draw for the LER 1 season.
  13. ParraEelsNRL

    Catalans pissed off Read more First time I've ever heard of a club being that pissed off at refs that they think quiting is the best bet :lol::lol::lol:
  14. ParraEelsNRL

    (FFR13) Larrat to step down? As I said ..... Good or bad news on all accounts, or a new and fresh start?
  15. ParraEelsNRL

    Computer help

    I have a new acer aspire X3990 desktop with 1 TB hard drive and within just over a month, my Drive D is full. I know it should be going into Drive C, so how do I change this so all the stuff goes into Drive C and if I change it, will I still have all my previous downloads? I have downloaded...
  16. ParraEelsNRL

    Salford sign French 17 yr old half back for 5 years Well done to Salford in doing the complete opposite of all the other ESL clubs when it comes to signing players, they could've signed a few Aussies at the end of their career in that time, but they have done the...
  17. ParraEelsNRL

    Jake White and South Africans

    First off, I don't want this as a shit fight League/Union thread. But this guy did disrespect RL a few years back and we all remember so no need to bring it up again. This guy has come from arguably the biggest union nation on Earth (sorry NZ) and has had his say about RL in the past, how...
  18. ParraEelsNRL

    voluntary tackle

    When was the last time anyone here can remember a ref giving a penalty for one of these? It has to be well over a decade imo, yet you see every team do it a couple of times a match each week. Does it exist any more?
  19. ParraEelsNRL

    Catalans take on Coke zero ad

    Funny stuff. (with subtitles)
  20. ParraEelsNRL

    French Super XIII? Don't know what to make of this, not sure if the translation is right, but something about a Super XIII regional city comp. Wonder if they are having talks with their new TV rights holder Al Jareera? :shock: