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  1. MarkInTheStands

    Stephen Dank - Jon Mannah

    Link I always thought it, but now someone in the legal profession has said it. So f**king Angry this grub has done such serious damage to Codes and Lives.
  2. MarkInTheStands

    vs Titans - Game Day Info.

    I know many people dead set love Pirtek and I have heard the odd 100 or so people tell me we need to bring back reserve grade before the main game will Saturday afternoon it is happening at Pirtek. 10:30 AM NYC Eels Vs Titans (Under 20's) 12:30 PM NSWRL Magpies Vs Bulldogs 3:00 PM NRL Eels...
  3. MarkInTheStands

    OT : Wests Tigers announce new head coach Two ex eels reunited at the Tigers. Obviously Phil is not still running his Optometrists in Wenthworthville.
  4. MarkInTheStands

    Eels Memberships Onsale for 2015 Most prices up about 5%. Still across all memberships that include 11 games, you would have to miss 4 and a half or up to 7 games to not get value for money, and you are getting at least a 71%...
  5. MarkInTheStands

    NRL investigating property transaction between Eels prop Darcy Lussick and a company

    Posted without Comment.
  6. MarkInTheStands

    Parramatta Eels' salary cap doesn't fit, shelling out more than $750,000 for departed

    Souce : So if it wasn't Stuart who was it ? Surely not SK?
  7. MarkInTheStands

    2 X 9 team conference system

    Can someone explain it to me. It was rolling around my head last night, but I couldn't figure out how it was a 22 round season ?
  8. MarkInTheStands

    2013 Football Club AGM ???

    Has anyone received notification about the Football Club AGM? Normally it is held in the first week of December, but I haven't seen anything about it. Did it happen? I believe most organisations have 3 or so months from the end of their financial year to have the AGM, and I believe the FC...
  9. MarkInTheStands

    Stadium Rankings

    I had a discussion with some people where I sit at Parramatta Stadium, discussing the upgrade that is going to be put in, and I stated why I wanted the facilities at Parramatta Stadium upgraded, because the Stadium itself has become quite outdated. I said Parramatta stadium would rank in the...
  10. MarkInTheStands

    At the Sharp end: tackling the many problems at Parra
  11. MarkInTheStands

    Eels Breach the Cap in 2012 Oops.
  12. MarkInTheStands

    Eels Draw Rounds 21 - 26 (Brisbane & Melbourne Away games) So to confirm that is Fox Nine, Nine, Nine Fox Nine (Danny Bedurus Retirement game and Nights old boys game).
  13. MarkInTheStands

    Jason Seage signs with Manly ? I sware I saw him play for us last weekend.
  14. MarkInTheStands

    Eels vs Knights trial results.

    HM cup lost 10 - 4 vs the country boys. SG Ball won 46 - 6 vs the country boys. First grade at 5:00 pm we have won the toss
  15. MarkInTheStands

    'Unbelievable' Parramatta Eels helping Tim Mannah
  16. MarkInTheStands

    Parramatta Eels launch bid to poach Matt Scott from the North Queensland Cowboys
  17. MarkInTheStands

    2013 Wenty Draw Released - Three games at Parramatta Stadium

    NSWRL DRAW Released. ROUND 1 - Wentworthville vs. Mounties - Parramatta Stadium - Saturday 9th, 1:30pm ROUND 2 - Wentworthville vs. Wyong - Ringrose Park - Sunday 17th, 3:00pm ROUND 3 - Canterbury vs. Wentworthville - Belmore Sports Ground -...
  18. MarkInTheStands

    2013 Harold Mattews and S.G. Ball Draws and The big news is that Melbourne have now entered a side in the Matts as well as the Ball, so now they compete in all 5 grades. Round 1 Sat 9th Feb 2013 Vs Roosters - Away Round 2 Sat...
  19. MarkInTheStands

    Eels's Trials, Dates and Locations

    For the First time I don't know this information well. I believe there will be an NYC trial vs. Wenty at Ringrose in February, I also believe we will be playing in Armidale for a trial, that will also include our HM cup boys (U16's) playing a 18/19's side from the CRL district, and the SG Ball...
  20. MarkInTheStands

    When a 5 year plan goes right, well nearly.

    Jeff Kennett (former Chairman of the Hawks and Premier of Victoria) today apologized to Hawks members for failing to deliver on his 5 year plan. The plan called "five 2 fifty", called for the Hawks to win 2 premierships and have over 50 thousand members in 5 years time. That period finished on...

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