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  1. fourxman

    Furner terminated immediately

    I think Kevin Walters would be ideal. Understudy for both Wayne Bennett and Craig Bellamy! Surely he would have learned some good lessons there.
  2. fourxman

    Pick your teams for Origin I for A View From The Hill

    QLD: 1. Slater 2. Boyd 3. Inglis 4. Hodges 5. Tate 6. Thurston 7. Cronk 8. Scott 9. Smith 10. Shillington 11. Thaiday 12. Te’o 13. Myles 14. Cherry-Evans 15. Hannant 16. Gillett 17. Papalli
  3. fourxman

    Where Will the Raiers Spend $650k

    Hooker is a must. Rein would be a good pick up if we could get him. It was a shame we missed out on Matt Ballin. Wouldn't mind going after a halfback & Centre as well. If Aiden Tolman's name was flying about, I would like us to have a stab.
  4. fourxman

    2013 Raiders?

    This is my side for 2013: 1. Dugan 2. Robinson/Wighton (whichever looks better at Centre - I am over Croker's defence) 3. Wighton/Robinson 4. Ferguson 5. Earl 6. Campese 7. Williams (or get a new half - not McCrone) 8. Shillington 9. McIllwrick/McCrone (or get a new hooker) 10. White 11...
  5. fourxman

    Campese gone for the season

    I'd love to see how that would go. McCrone's not a halfback or 5/8. He has got great pace so him running out of hooker would be quick yards plus he can kind of kick so you got an extra kicker around.
  6. fourxman

    Campese gone for the season

    Agreed, I am a big fan of Campo but don't know if he will be able to come back the same player. Turns 28 this year, 3 serious knee injuries. When he comes back, his confidence will be down and that will take some time to get over. Need a half or 5/8 to step up (ie McCrone, Williams, Wighton...
  7. fourxman

    Campese gone for the season

    I would prefer to move Wighton to 5/8 and see how he goes given Dugan will go back to fullback and Reece to the backline.
  8. fourxman

    TEAMLISTS - NRL Round 7
  9. fourxman

    How much longer will the Raiders endure with David Furner

    Honestly as much as I am unhappy with the coaching, I don't think we should waste too much more time on McCrone. Yes he seems to work hard but he doesn't create opportunities, he hogs the ball and wastes good attacking opportunities. He wants to score a try for himself everytime we are near...
  10. fourxman

    Where to get good stats from??

    Thanks all, That's awesome!
  11. fourxman

    Where to get good stats from??

    I was wondering if anyone knows a good site for team based stats for the NRL? It would be interesting to know team records at certain grounds, recent records against a team, or other similar stats.
  12. fourxman

    Worst team of the last 5 years

    I'll Second that. I don't think I have ever seen a front row make as much negative yard runs as Ben Czislowski ever!
  13. fourxman

    Worst team of the last 5 years

    Some players i would like to throw in the mix: Craig Frawley Andrew Emilio David Howell Scott Minto
  14. fourxman

    Michael Bani

    Waste of Money.... all i am going to say
  15. fourxman

    Miller and Vidot to join Dragons

    Would have been good to see Vidot get bit more of a run at Centre in his time at the Raiders. Always liked what he did out of dummy half. He seemed to get a few extra metres after first impact of defence. I think he got found out under the high ball in defence a bit too much so didn't...
  16. fourxman

    2011 QLD Team

    I think the team would be: 1. Slater 2. Boyd 3. Inglis 4. Hodges 5. Tonga 6. Lockyer 7. Thurston 8. Civoniceva 9. Smith 10. Scott 11. Thaiday 12. Harrison 13. Johnson 14. Cronk 15. Shillington 16. Hannant 17. Myles
  17. fourxman

    2011 Canberra Raiders' Top 25?

    Also Thurling is gone. And what about Justin Carney? Do you think Mogg will plan on as well? As much as i like your run on side, I doubt that Tongue will start from the bench come round 1 next year.
  18. fourxman

    Re-signing news

    I think we should go after Ben Barba or Brett Finch. Monas is too old and Rovelli sucks. Oh and i hope we don't resign Herbert or McCrone.
  19. fourxman

    Round 6 Raiders v Roosters

    Is Mick Picker any good? Could he be a better option than McCrone?
  20. fourxman

    3-2-1 vs Broncos

    3 - Dugan 2 - Harrison 1 - Fensom