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  1. ash the bash

    The Bears

    Do we consider this a new bid not related to previous Central Coast Bears. Article certainly states so. Think this will get some debate going on this forum haha. Interesting snippets from article - Have met Abdo and PVL (We know PVL likes his tribalism) - Building a centre of excellence...
  2. ash the bash

    Southern Orcas (NZ2)

    As we finally have a bidder/proposal for a second NZ team think its fair for it to have its own thread. I will take this bid on face value and won't comment on the bloke behind it as have heard a few sketchy things about his involvement with Bradford. So taking that out of the picture and...
  3. ash the bash

    Brisbane Jets

    What are our thoughts ? With the announcement that the Bombers & Western Corridor are combining bids could this be a new favourite ? Still favour the Dolphins personally but.. - Training base set to be based in Ipswich - Nick Livermore is a smart operator, the fact that he owned up to...
  4. ash the bash

    Which QLD bid would you pick ? Interesting to hear your thoughts. I think in the long run both a northern Moreton Bay Dolphins & a South West Jets could have potential. It covers a good geographic spread leaving the Broncos as the...
  5. ash the bash

    Koroibete vs Waqa ?

    Which one would you pick? Id go Koroibete, only just I think he has less mistakes in his game.
  6. ash the bash

    Redcliffe Dolphins

    What do we think...
  7. ash the bash

    Rank Sydney clubs in Size!!!!

    A little offseason fun, rank the Sydney clubs in terms of the greatest number of supporters in Sydney.... IMO. 1) Canterbury Bankstown 2) South Sydney 3) St George Illawarra 4) Parramatta 5) Wests Tigers 6) Manly 7) Penrith 8) Cronulla 9) Sydney
  8. ash the bash

    R.I.P Widnes RLFC

    News - Club Statement 09.10.2007 The following statement has been issued from the Club. Following Sunday’s disappointing defeat in the National League 1 Grand Final the Board met at length on Monday and Tuesday to discuss the current financial position of the Club. After these meetings...
  9. ash the bash


    I cannot fathom how Haddin gets dropped and not Hodge:crazy: :crazy: Honestly if you were gonna include Hodge how can u bat him at number 6 for a start, where he takes about 20 balls to get off mark, isnt Haddin made for that role down the order he can drop and run, quick between the wickets...
  10. ash the bash

    Nice Jersey's

    Found this on one of the Souths Forums.. Just jersey's of teams for 2008 nothing official but nice anyway... Some really good jersey's there, love the Souths design ;-)
  11. ash the bash

    Great News!!!!!!!!

    HULL KR ARE SAFE:crazy: :crazy: what a way to do it, well done to Justin Morgan and all involved doing something that many believed would be imposible in staying up at the start of the season:) Superleague 2008:alcho: :alcho:
  12. ash the bash

    Super League criteria for clubs Applying for Franchises

    Came across this found it interesting mainly to do with the stadium etc... The second half of the article talks about the basic requirements a stadium will have to have.....
  13. ash the bash

    Origin 2 Crowd

    Just picked up 5 Ticks for Game 2 and my Pax = 78449 I hope we can sell out.. considering the wallabies, all blacks yawnion is already sold out..
  14. ash the bash

    Dragons Members

    Its nice to see the dragons go on a membership drive.. On the home page Its got a member counter, atm its around the 1500 mark, buy the look of it i think the Saints would aim for about 9000 or so members.. I don't see why the Saints can't acheve this with both the Illawarra...
  15. ash the bash

    Anyone seen this site yet.. Its tops, click on Sydney and it shows u the break up of all the junior areas for the clubs.. On a persoanl note its great for me. coming to Oz and loooking forward to playing a bit of footy and i have found that my uni (UNSW) has a team 8) The lions... Check out...
  16. ash the bash

    Did any Clubs Make a Profit in 2004??

    Just curious here... I presume the Bulldogs would have made a profit with winning and all the merchandise they sold.... In 2003, 13 of the 15 Clubs had loses so... Can some members of clubs help out on this with. With the Anuual Reports that the Clubs release... Thanks... Ps: Not sure but...
  17. ash the bash

    Anyone going to the games in India????

    I can get tickets for the Test here in Banglaore as well as the One day games later on, but i'll go only if i can sit with fellow aussie's ;-)
  18. ash the bash

    Rugby League Continues to thrive

    Rugby League continues to thrive 5 September 2004 Telstra Premiership crowd records have tumbled for the second year running as the Sydney Roosters took their first Minor Premiership in 23 years at Aussie Stadium today. For the second year in a row the game has set a new record...
  19. ash the bash

    Crowd @ Cambelltown

    A win should boost the crowd.. However i reckon a few people will still be a bit scared about what happened last friday game for the tiges.. just been on the kennel and i think the bulldogs army is heading there in masse so....... 16,000
  20. ash the bash

    Crowd's for the weekend

    Anyone.... ;-)