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    Hook’s Days Numbered?

    Yes Puff your spot on we are currently not a great organisation. That’s been the painful reality for us Dragons supporters for way too long. If we are to turn things around, getting a fantastic coach is an essential piece of the puzzle.
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    Hook’s Days Numbered?

    DD and others are so right. Whenever we next go in search of a new coach we need to pursue them relentlessly. Great organisations get their man or women - they don’t take second best and they don’t miss. I’ve mentioned it before that my preference would be to pursue Fred Fittler, a modern...
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    A Huge Positive Amongst the Doom and Gloom

    These are examples of decisions by Hook that are the polar opposite to those needed to turn our club culture around. We need the decision makers in the Club, the Board, CEO, and Coaching Group, to all have the same mindset and as a united group make decisions that clearly show the players and...
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    Sack Griffin

    Gee I want so much to believe Hook and Co can develop some heart and grit in our team but that looks more questionable as each game goes by. Personally I would be sounding out Brad Fittler for 2023. He has matured significantly since his last first grade coaching gig and now brings a true...
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    Tyrell Sloan

    Me thinks that whilst we still have a mathematical chance of making the top eight, Hook will continue to play the more experienced players. I know that historically its very rare a first grade coach will throw 4 inexperienced players (eg. Sloan, Amone, Sullivan and Feagai) into first grade all...
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    The Winning Way

    Yep BLM01, it would great to know more about how the Hook philosophy is actually meant to work. Wouldn’t be great if our CEO put some info out on that.
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    The Winning Way

    Agree DD, it must be a great feeling being a Storm or Roosters supporter being so consistently successful over a long period of time. I now have a healthy appreciation how helpless other teams must have felt during the Dragons golden 11 year run. Yikes. What your son and his partner are going...
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    The Winning Way

    I don’t know about others but gee I yearn for the days when I felt confident we had a good chance of winning our games. Those days seem way in the distant past. This got me thinking about how do we get that winning feeling back again. There’s been plenty of discussion on this forum about our...
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    Judiciary Joke

    Thanks Muzby, we all need to laugh at least once a day. I’ll raise your joke with a quality dad joke - The CEO of IKEA was just elected president of Sweden. He should have his cabinet together by the end of the month.
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    SG Ball and Harold Matthews results

    Thanks for the update Dragonslayer. There’s certainly some talent coming thru in Sloan, Sullivan, Amone and others. Hoping the current coaches can continue to develop these young guns - early days but the signs are looking good so far. I’m also sensing a positive change in the culture of the...
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    Hook's Heroes

    Dragonslayer do you know if the SG Ball game tomorrow will be live-streamed?
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    Hook's Heroes

    Thanks Dragonslayer. Great to be able to get an update on what’s happening behind the scenes. Keep the insights coming.
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    Hook's Heroes

    Speaking of Hook’s Heroes, what is the status of two of our future Heroes in Jayden Sullivan and Junior Amone. Is Sullivan back from injury yet? How is Amone going?