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    Best... Joke...ever!

    CHICKEN eats pie! WOOF WOOF POO!
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    Bow before me!

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    The "Secret Unleashed" now leaked!

    Thanks to me and looking on webspace and finding stuff! :D Furry seems to have hidden it in a ch'ed folder, but I copied it all the word pad. Why you'd be secretive I don't know I think it's stupid :roll: You would have said something later. This was on a page "beta.php" On a page...
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    Hey Furrycat! I see Unleashed Not willing to confirm anything now? :lol:
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    The OFFICIAL Coke and Pepsi Poll

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    Bulldog Academy seeks assistance

    The Bulldogs Young Player Academy located in Belmore is the home for some of the Dogs future stars. A feast of talented player’s from around Australia and New Zealand have spent time living at the Academy. Previous player’s to spend time at the Academy include: Jamie Feeney, Roy Asotasi, Sonny...
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    Bulldogs Full Time Squad for 2005

    The complete list of the Bulldogs Full-time Squad for 2005: Braith Anasta Chris Armit Roy Asotasi Trent Cutler Ben Czislowski Hazem El Masri Tony Grimaldi Ben Harris Corey Hughes Jamaal Lolesi Reni Maitua Willie Mason Brett Oliver Mark O'Meley Luke Patten Adam...
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    It's Official

    Mystery Girl is not invited to my birthday party
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    Who is the wise hacker

    Someone is killing the index and deleting accounts including my old one :(
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    I think I'm jesus

    I found how to post while the forum is dead but no one else has :(